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  1. I get paid three times what I used to and bought and sold a house within six months making £35k - its all there if you look hard enough perhaps you are better off just being miserable. I am renting at the moment as there are enough marginal idiots to get their fingers burnt to make waiting an option as people panick but there isnt going to be a wipe out and if you think that you will remain miserable for a long time indeed.
  2. It does look like an add on. I think this reminds me of those people who have a hobby and it becomes an obsession, like they are really angry everyone else thinks they are a complete social misfit so they turn bitter and say things along the lines of "Ill show them and then they will be sorry!" "They told me that I need windows but I told them they were being a pane and soon my garage house will be sold and I will be richer than they could every realise." I agree you would have to be a complete twit to want to move there can we pin this thread and then all arrange a visit and seem very inte
  3. Yeah you are totally screwed - No not really ok alright then yes you are. Maybe you should work out what you are trying to do - quick sale?, need to move?, falling behind with payment? I think your mistake was to get an estate agent without a promise of at least half a dozen buyers looking for a property like yours. Go back to the estate agent and tell them that the agreement was to sell your ******ing house and that you will sign with someone else if they dont have at least three people around. They might threaten to sue and then that would cost them money initially so at least it will shak
  4. Yes that would be a good idea - but I am sorry to have to tell you that someone already thought of that one - what about everylasting gobstoppers - now that is an idea!
  5. you are lower than whale shit

  6. If you want a quick sale then reduce the price. Make sure that you take the viewings and have a card with your number on it - dont trust estate agents to make you a priority but at the same time they are useful dealing with the annoying enquiries. If you lose the next house it isnt really the end of the world - living in a house you dont want to might be so concentrate on that then rent for six months it will take out the stress. - it is what I am doing and other people in my family have done - it is much easier. I think the market is changing sure people will panick for a little while but
  7. Hey that is antighost and I think that is racism against us spirits. A few years ago I died in a horrible custard accident in order to avoid needing to buy a house is that so wrong?
  8. I am starting to develop the grapes of wroth - is cream the best solution or a change to a diet higher in fibre
  9. Has anyone got some data of places that arent shitholes so we have something to compare the data with - its only fair. Ps I am not surprised that flats are dropping in Liverpool you would have to be a bit think to want to live there and for coventry - my god dont you people have any aspirations? Move somewhere worthwhile. De do do dont dey do! Hey calm it down eh - :{0
  10. Oh no the housing market has crashed - at last we have some concrete evidence instead of just a bunch of moaning minnies - ok thats better - it is ok it is just the website that has crashed, boy do I feel silly.
  11. I think £5k is a bit steep for a look at your carpet - how about £250 and you make a cup of tea afterwards - thats my best and final offer and I am not sure if its the market rate - supply and demand - anyway if you get into a long term realtionship you'd have to do a lot less for it - as far as I can see women who dont work and get married are just whoring with a veneer of respectability. And whats more those whingy bastards who expect me to subsidise their kids - yeah why not take six months off Ill pay - hang on wasnt that your choice anyway so why am I paying for it? And relax - breath i
  12. Look this is easy. Take a situation that is uncertain . Add loads of hindsight and look you were wrong - so what it doesnt matter unless you have a time machine. My take on it is this . Get over it. Look to why you didnt make a decision, notice all the other areas in your life where you didnt make a decision. Realise that you only missed out on life as you are too cautious. Write down a list of the things you want in life and then go and do them.
  13. Good old "daily fail" I have to say after listening to the editor a few years back I realised that this paper works on minimum staff and grabbing headlines - consequently it is like an amplifyer to the original story. My take on is that this is simply supply and demand, true there is senitment, but lets face it there arent many new houses being built and the immigration levels have increased. I am selling my house, the surveyor says it is overvalued, personally I disagree as that is what more than one person is prepared to pay for it. Will the prices come crashing down. I believe that they
  14. Sounds like you are having a number of problems. I gained a degree without looking into the job opportunities also. I think it is time to reconsider. I would suggest you apply for work in admin within the sector you are interested in, that way you have bought some time and can actually find out about the opportunities. CSA - I am not qualified on this one. Accomodation - My take it that you will need to live somewhere. I would move back with your parents or rent a room until you are on your feet. Moving country - I dont think that is the solution but if you have more opportunities outside
  15. Sentiment is changing - at last affordable housing. One friend of mine said about the last recession that the tide has turned when the first person is made redundant - At the time it sounded convincing but didnt really take into consideration unemployment caused by seasonal or structural reasons. I think the housing information is like this also. 70% does seem a lot but lets face it houses have been pretty unaffordable for a lot of people for a pretty long time. Given the average lack of intelligence in the majority of the population you are going to get these people making decisions typica
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