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  1. who said anything about it being a interest only mortgage, the 1600 i'd be paying is a repayment mortgage so you're property is fully payed up after 25 years.
  2. renting a 1 bed flat at the mo, with no room to swing a cat in. If i move elsewhre i'd get tied into a 12 month contract. Just want to settle down in a nice property with the lowest mortgage possible
  3. hey i'm not a troll, i'm 100 % for house prices to continue to fall, but i don't want to pay rental fro the rest of my life, what happens when i finish work, who pays the rent then. You say in saving's, but the rental costs me the same as the mortage, so what savings i'm i making. What if i live till 100 the savings would soon dissappear in rent payments. At least with owning a property i'll have it paid in 25 years and something to pass on to my kids.
  4. 3 bed house in my area 1600 a month, my mortgage on a 3 bed 1610, think i'd still rather own
  5. maybe so but how long and london prices haven't fallen anywhere near the 25 -30 % mark in my area it's a pain in the backside. I'd love to puy a property 50k cheaper than it is now, but due to the lack of availabilty it just ain't happening round here. Vendors would rather just sit on their **** than see their property go for anything less than 2007 levels, greedy sods. :angry:
  6. i've got a nice deposit already, just want a bloody decent property to put it into
  7. nope definetly don't want house prices to ever go back to 2007 levels. The purpose of me buying my house is so that when i'm at retirement age and fancy relaxing i don't have to pay the rent and my house will be paid. My standards are perfectly fine, my last property was ex-council and i had no problems with it.
  8. renting is also loosing me 12k a year whilst someone else get's their mortgage paid. Even with further drops i'd rather own something at the end, otherwise i'll be working the rest of my life to pay off the rent.
  9. leaving london is something i'm considering if all else fails. All me mates are down here so it'd be a shame to leave.
  10. nope surveyor picked it up, roof issue's, damp issues, render covering other issues, the list goes on, they basically got the biggest cow boy builders to do work on the place and they knackered the place up. The lounge and dinning room had been knocked throught together, but they failed to put in an RSJ. The place has a tennant in it as well, proper dangerous
  11. All I want to do is buy a property to live in for the next 20 years, but the lack of available good property in London is driving me to despair. I'm sick of renting and just want to get on the ladder to set up my own home. Just found out the property i was going to buy has major structural issues, so that £700 survey fees down the drain, gutted. Is is going to be like this for the forseable future, I'm not condoning price increases, but sense from people that were never going to get back to 2007 prices, at least not for another 10 years. Migzy
  12. reason that bird in brighton can't get an appointment is because all the estatre agents have been sacked, stupid woman.
  13. We've been on the search for property in London for ages and seen some things we like, lost out on a few. Everytime we get shown a property the agents keep saying to the missus. "Prices are going up you know, you've got to be quick". Now i take this as the usual sales banter, as I've done my research and nothings selling for asking price just yet. However the missus has it in her head that were going to loose out and that I'm winding estate agents up when i ask them how much they've completed on. Is the missus right should I lay off or shall I stand my ground. I've been looking for so long
  14. hsbc are currently offering a lifetime tracker with no early repayment fees, this is the one i would choose if i were to go the tracker route
  15. I work for one of the biggest share settlement companies in the uk and we've laid off all the contractors, over 30% of staff, there's a hold on pay rises. But i'm still eating at jap canteen. pret's etc, not on the home made sarnies just yet. Not eating out as much and not buying as many luxuries as i used to, but i'm not skint. Live in west london and I can see the downturn in front of my very eyes. shops shutting everywhere, less people on the bus, tube. Londons a big place and just because one area is still busy doesn't mean other areas are not affected. But there's always going to be
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