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  1. Most of the staff on these grades are CLINICAL. (bands 7 and 8A) These are the ones with the most CLINICAL responsibility. These are staff who have years of CLINICAL experience. Part of their role may be managerial but as team leaders only of CLINICAL staff. They will also have a big CLINICAL caseload to manage. The majority did not want any managerial responsibility but was forced on them to make senior managements life easier To get rid of senior management is the goal (at higher grades) but turkeys don't vote for xmas..............
  2. Great post agree entirely The NHS is a fat bloated pig at the moment. You could put it on a diet by ridding it of the bean counters and pen pushers (as BUPA or any private company would do but would expect a profit) and shave 70% of the on costs. Non clinicial staff ountnumber frontline staff by 3 to 1. The tories can save billions in the NHS without cutting a single service. Good example scrap the £11 billion (yes 11) computer system that makes clinicians lives more difficult and slows down treatment of patients. Clinicians have been telling managers for 10 years but as usual they dont li
  3. looks like a like a very similar trend if you start from month 15 as in this downturn
  4. oh good with banks tomorrow declaring massives loses, eastern europe bankrupt, cdc's being called in over the next couple of months and companies going to the wall, houses are seeing signs of moving this month. Come on give me a break. Im not a doom and gloom merhcant like many on here, just realistic. The economy is f*cked personal debt is huge, government debt is huge, the banks aren't lending, the banks are bankrupt, Countries are bankrupt. Still people in UK with the 3rd highest unsecured debt mountain in the world we are ok. Why ? because we have money in houses, our manufacturing base
  5. well you have to go with you instinct.. Mine is there are fools out there major fools who will get burnt Denial is a strange thing Working in you neck of the woods houses are vastly over priced for crap in a crap area. There is a high asian population with ready cash, who will rent properties out The bubble is just bursting , look at all the statistics and they indicate a big crash. Sheeple haven't realise it yet. tis all. Im not talking about sentiment and my opinion, just statistics. The bubble is seeing a denial spike and will be in freefall come the summer
  6. Well i have just sent in a complaint saying it was full of propaganda sh*t and should not be done under a gov domain, then i called Gordon brown a ***** so i won't be here tomorrow i will have been eradicated............
  7. sorry but you guys are meant to be the clever ones and i am sure you are but your making this so complicated as i see it The money as you call it never existed and never will. Mr A wants a house so bank HBOS lends him say $100K no checks are done to see if the house is worth $100K or whether Mr A can pay the loan back Mr A buys the house Defaults and the house is worth $1 $99,999 has gone poof up in smoke $100K may have been spent further on but the asset that the so called money has been generated with is worth feck all so $100K into a hole multiplied by thousands = billions of none
  8. Sorry i'm sat here in shock. Is that a real web site??? or a spoof...?? it has all the .gov indexes and nob heads signature but is it really real?
  9. the money never existed in the first place. If a bank decided to lend someone $100K to buy a house in down town New Orleans, They did so expecting the house was worth $100K. This was then added to the computer as part of a balance sheet it wasn't real money as you think of it. This loan then gets sold on to other banks packaged with other loans. Problem is mr new orleans man cannot pay the mortgage. He defaults and the house is worth $200. Thats a shortfall of $100K (-$200). However that debt has been bought and fragmented by the banks. The money never existed. Multipliy this by tens of thous
  10. small pox in the water supply and a small pox vacuum OMG . Such a hypocritical hag and she's made thousands by being on th TV
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