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  1. And what percentage falls are you anticipating in the uk over the next 2/3 years taking into account the liklihood of rising inflation!
  2. Yea that sums up this whole current revival in sentiment....................................................................... bounce away! I'll wait!
  3. God lets hope so. I recently put in an offer for a 265K house at 250k. Offer rejected and we have no chain and still no interest in thinking abour our offer. I have seen a bounce in my area. Stuff selling. It's hard not to get caught up in it as we want to buy this year but not at an elevated price! I do believe this bounce was expected by a few on here. One commentator believing it would last 12-18 months with 6-10% increase in price prior to a further crash.
  4. Perhaps thats why you are not a counsellor in the NHS!!!!!!!!
  5. I half agree with you here however I think any party that has been on power for over 10 years ultimately become corrupt that's why it is best for Labour to go. God knows we have little choice and not that confident about the tories either. Brown, poor sod, has become the scapegoat for all the greed over the last few years. That said he has resided over boom and bust and failed to stop the housing bubble which he could have done in 2005.
  6. Well that's statistics for you. You have to remember all those medics etc earning around 100k, nursing to 32k, teachers etc plus you would have to add in bankers...this average pay tells us very little about the range of pay in the uk today!!!
  7. Blimey. i live in the East Midlands and that would be pretty poor pay for around here. Most Secretaries on 15k plus I think (not that i am on). This should have a big impact on hpc in your area.
  8. Is it then a good time to short the footsie???
  9. Many of the sheeple do! Even my own flesh and blood tell me the worst is now over!!!!!
  10. They are, unfortunately, representative of the financial ideas of the general population!
  11. Yea don't blame you. I'm still getting 3.25% on an instant account but issue is now closed to new savers. There are still some providers paying over 3% and on that tracks the best interest rates is over 3% I can,t think of its name.......you have to give 3 months notice to access money. God what are we to do. Almost feel like buying a house!!!
  12. I think that the average wage is more like 23K and spouse more like 10k(if they both have jobs in today's economic climat!!!)33k 99k and that assumes they have no car loans etc which most of the pop have these days.
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