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  1. I grew up in Sevenoaks and largely agree with the OP. At the time I was quite lucky to live in a nice road, Hitchen Hatch Lane (for those that know the town). I must say when I go back to see old friends my heart sinks at what has happened to the town. There used to be a glut of lovely pubs that I regularly used to get p*ssed at. Blighs was a great old boozer now a rubbish restaurant, a great pub on the green that used to be a fantastic place to get ahem drunk in the summer and now… yep another rubbish restaurant. The town centre is now full of chain bars. Bar med/ cost/ rubbish etc.. Nowhere near as nice as it used to be. Ahhh also the largely unused waste of space that is the BT building build on the site of the old market by the station. Where do I buy my livestock and global hyper color tee shirts now? Never go back. I’ll also never forget when I was with my mum rummaging in leaves for conkers only to stick my hand in a large turd. She marched me back home with my hand outstretched covered in chocolate. Never go back Rich
  2. Good question… When I bought the place the previous owner enquired about buying the freehold which was quoted at £19k between 5 flats. So I’m guessing that it shouldn’t cost more than £5-7k. After initial worry she’s been shown this letter and seems to be happy with it, I’m hoping her solicitor keeps as shtum as possible. Interestingly though I’ve had about 7 viewings a week since November only 2nd’s and this is the first offer not a single cheeky one? It indicates to me that there have been very few serious buyers out there. I’m so pleased she’s an art teacher and ahem not more academic..
  3. Hi all Thought It's time to make my first post and thought this would be an appropriate thread. I won't bore you with details but let's just say until the crash and until I found this site all I could do was talk about property and how I would make my fortune. Stupid possibly naïve definitely. I was one of the people that thought house prices could only go up. I feel like it's confessional and I'm seeking absolution. Unfortunately 2 hell Mary's probably won't be enough. Anyway some more detail: I owned 2 properties in St Reatham Hill (Streatham). 1 sold and one sold STC. 2 bed one I've just completed at 18% off peak bought in 06. Massive flat so a bit special. And I've just accepted an offer on my one bed bought in 04 at 24% of peak (165k). With a 78 year lease I'm bricking it for this to go through. Should wipe it’s face. Lady teacher FTB with a 50K deposit so finances should be ok. Link God I'm pleased I found this site, my economic knowledge has gone through the roof. Thank you all. Going to rent until things become more clear. Rich
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