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  1. Ha! Was just thinking that. What a wally.
  2. Congrats. Can I ask how much rent are you paying? Did you negotiate?
  3. It’s utterly pointless. If all it takes to make a show is state the bleddin obvious then I’m going to ask for my license payers money back.
  4. I’ve been keeping an eye on Streatham house prices as well. Wellfield road is nice, similar stock to ED about £325k on average. The other flats in the house I’m in have been done over In the last few months. I’m just tired of the scummers in Streatham, I guess I just want to live in a nicer area… I wasn’t racist until I moved here.. I’m not racist really… just prejudiced! To be honest I’m really not sure where I want to move to. I think, as you I could handle living here until the kiddies are of school age and then I would want to move to a less “innit” area. ED area is a definite possibility, close enough to friends and family in the SE. I’m getting married in December then will probably start trying for kiddies middle of next year. I would love to move to the country now, but I guess not really practical I think I’ll have to wait until I retire! it’s nice for the other half to have friends nearby and places to go when the kiddies are young.
  5. Yeah, I forgot about those three. I haven’t seen any of the terraces with their side returns done, do you know if there’s any planning issue here at all? Ha! Hill or Common? I’m just in the process of selling my one bed on Tierney Road by the bus garage.. accepted 27% below peak. I had the mortgage valuation done today I hope the ******* hasn’t down valued it.
  6. Cheers chaps. The other half was cooing with all the shops that I’ve never heard of before. And then woke up the other morning saying she had dreamt of us and the THREE kiddies (Thought we were only going to have TWO) walking down Lordship lane. From property bee it looks like a lot of the 3 bed terrace houses have been hanging around the £450k-475k mark for some time, about a 10% drop in all, not much. I can’t imagine these getting down to £350k any time soon….. sigh… We’ll just have to stay in Streatham…. Oh joy.
  7. Tentatively looking at areas to purchase and happened upon East Dulwich for the first time. Now I was under the impression it was the poorer cousin to West Dulwich… Looked blo*dy nice to me and more vibrant. Prices don’t look like they’ve come down much since peak. Good housing stock though. Can anybody comment on the area?
  8. I say his misses it’s his girlfriend. They were renting together, fortunately she’s buying it in her name so he won’t be liable.. unless he marries her…. See below… “She paid what she wanted to pay, and what the owner was happy with. Did you accept what you wanted? To say it’s naïve is also a little naïve, we have lived in the area for 2 years Kerry for 6, I think we have an understanding of the area and as a result, to draw figures from a internet page is very insular and to look at the news is a very broad spectrum prices may well have dropped but to say 20% off peak is very general, not all areas are 20% down some more some less. And I think you have nailed it “You give me sound economic reasons why you think this will be the case and then I’ll do the same why they will….” That’s what economics is theories from opposing views. Time will tell, but I predict 2 beds flats on this street will not drop to £240,000 maybe I’m right maybe I’m not but again you do your research and have accepted down on what you wanted on two properties so who really knows. Appreciate the looking though mate, got much on this weekend?”
  9. A friend of mine’s misses has just had an offer of £307k offer accepted on the following: Only a 10% drop I tried to warn her…. Sold at the peak of the market: 20 April 2007 88a Barons Court Road Leasehold Flats/Maisonettes £340,000
  10. I’ve just accepted an offer 27% off peak. SW2. (fingers crossed this one doesn’t fall through) Interesting though it’s been on since Nov 08 as this price, In the last few weeks I’ve had several offers ranging between 27-40% off peak. Looks like people are willing to buy now IF the price is right, whereas before they weren’t no matter what.
  11. Totally true. If they had I would have advised her to accept it. If you don’t ask you don’t get. For that sort of price they could have got a 2 bed in Dulwich Village or more central. Plus they probably wouldn’t have got a crazy old Scotsman swearing at you and banging the ceiling if the noise raises above a gentle whisper.
  12. I’m not sure about London as a whole, but the misses has just rented her 2 bed flat out in the first weekend of it being on. Full asking price £1350 in a not very nice area between Streatham and Clapham.
  13. Anecdotally there is an increase in activity in Streatham but hasn’t translated to sales. I’m selling my 1 bed, It’s on and has been since Nov at 25% below peak. I’ve had more second viewings and offers in 3 weeks than I have in the last 4 months. However people are putting in offers 35% below peak. I think this is reasonable but am not sure if 1st time buyers are using a correlation against peak prices or are just seeing a price and reducing it buy 10%? Rich
  14. Ok final straw, They are either saying nothing or are talking shite. I did one for them yesterday and then gave them a key point script that they can learn, including anecdotes they can mention to help improve on “ eerrrr here’s a kitchen wiv stuff” spiel. Cockney tw*t.
  15. Ha! No offense taken. It’s a very nice flat, the Saniflow system is fine as long as you don’t stick fistfuls of toilet paper down there. My whole argument is that A: It was a mortgage valuation and the surveyor spoke to the purchaser in a way that I thought was totally unprofessional. He wasn’t doing a homebuyers It was a valuation and he valued it at the purchase price. B: The report was totally contradictory which largely led to A Subsequently the estate agent spoke to him and I quote “I didn’t recommend her not to buy It, It was a nice flat” Hmmm So basically a f*cker.
  16. I need some advice…. I’m looking at getting my lease renewed (78 years left) And the freeholder has quoted £20k and an independent valuation has suggested £6k. Is it a simple negotiation or is there any legislation that covers freeholders that are trying to rip you off for lease increases. Any help greatly appreciated. Rich
  17. I agree, I’ve been in corporate sales for many years and If somebody doesn’t want to buy something there aint much you can do to change their mind. However, especially when it comes to first time buyers they sometimes need a little bit of help in seeing a property in a certain light. This is where an estate agent can paint a picture and where there maybe something that isn’t to everyone’s taste, I.e. my basement bedroom, to show them that it isn’t an issue, but in fact a quiet space that has a constant temp that doesn’t change whether it’s summer or winter and actually makes the flat feel bigger because it’s split level. This sort of storytelling and can help focus a naïve/ young purchaser and where there may have been doubts is now a positive, and is down to the agent to see this before the viewer even mentions it.
  18. Sorry should have qualified it was a mortgage valuation not home buyers report..
  19. The problem is my natural instinct is to go for a bigger agent centrally situated, attracting I guess a bigger foot fall rather than a smaller agent, although as you say may well have accumulated more experience and thus may actually be a better bet. For reference it was Townends in St Reatham (Streatham Hill).
  20. Right, while my hackles are up maybe someone can tell me if this is perfectly acceptable or not. In my first few posts I explained about selling my 1 bed flat and was worried about the short lease being a problem with the purchaser… oh no.. an unexpected problem came from an unexpected source… The valuation. Guy came round a bit weird to say the least made various comments about the macerator and the downside of a basement flat (bedroom/ bathroom) all perfectly reasonable. Now… 3 days later the purchaser comes back with a damming report, I won’t go into details but wildly exaggerated subjective comments about the basement and that in future the Abbey may not offer a mortgage nor anyone else. There were also a number of comments that contradicted themselves, but still valued it at the selling price. Again due to the market I can see maybe why he did this and from what he said the Abbey has asked for “additional” information of valuations. This is what I don’t understand… Purchaser speaks to him directly regarding clarification and then spends an hour talking her out of the purchase with comments as per the title. Is he allowed to do this? Subsequently she has pulled out. I also had to put up with the f*cker chatting for an hour after he had finished making various lewd comments about the pics of my gf.
  21. I think you’re absolutely right. To be quite honest though I was expecting a certain degree of even the most basic of sales training. Would you employ someone to sell your product worth £100k+ with no relevant training? It appears that as sales aren’t “flying through the window” anymore a big gap in skills has been unearthed. Should we be asking to see accredited sales training for the agents? I won’t go into the entire conversation I overhead but even someone with no training and a little savvy thought could have done a better job. When I told the gf the gist of the conversation she was incredulous and then went on to sell the property in a clear concise way that to be quite frank was 100% better.
  22. I spoke to him today and he said…. “ Yeah sorry, I’m never quite as good when the owner is there.. makes me feel nervous.” WTF?!?!?!?! Fired.
  23. Oh lord, I’m sitting here working from home while my estate agent at this very moment is proceeding to try and sell my flat as badly as he possibly can. He’s been here 5 minutes and has already knocked 7 years of the length of my lease. The markets bad enough without having a so called “salesperson” f*cking up the viewing! Rich
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