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  1. My flats are run by the people that live there and we also have a management company overseeing things. It works out quite well as several of the residents are retired or semi-retired and don't mind looking after things. It cost about £300 each for us to get 999 year leases. There are only 26 flats so it's not a massive job and I think that they do a pretty good job. As soon as one of the renting tenants causes trouble they are dealt with severely and don't usually play up again! The actual freehold belongs to the family of one of the residents.
  2. From my own experience, St Albans is a nice area. It has decent links into London aswell as being reasonably close to the A1 and M25. I had a look at prices over the past couple of years and they haven't moved that much. I noticed that there are quite a lot of students around town whenever I've been out for a beer up there, not sure which uni's they go to.
  3. I agree that it's up to the majority of us to buy at the right price and not be forced to pay too much. I live in East London/Essex and see lots of Eastern Europeans/Asians wanting to buy property and rent it out to their friends and relatives working over here. They know that they can pay a large chunk of their mortgage off by renting and within 5-10 years will own the house or have a small loan outstanding. It's more of a long term thing for these guys and not about rental yields. They don't seem to be put off by the current high prices and can easily get the mortgage.
  4. As we all know, credit is extremely easy to get these days and becoming a property developer/landlord is still a popular choice for many. With so much easy credit available will the property market pick up again as soon as prices come down a little more? If prices were to drop 30-40% there would surely be a stampede to buy up everything in site again therefore pushing prices back up. This would also depend on interest rates remaining pretty low. Your thoughts please.
  5. His age wouldn't bother me but will certainly be an issue for many other voters.
  6. Ken is 65 now so that means he'll be pushing 70 by the time the next election comes along. I can't see that helping his cause and the fact that the Tories are currently clueless doesn't help either. He's got his work cut out.
  7. That's what I thought. With the current prices out there it sounds like a good place to go once you've retired. I could have gone to Spain a few years ago but if you didn't want to start your own business, it was either bar work, labouring, real estate or timeshare hustling for employment and I didn't fancy any of them.
  8. Bulgaria may be cheap but what do you do once you get there? What's it like to get work and is the language a major obstacle?
  9. I think that leaving family and friends, finding well paid employment and language barriers are the main reason that people don't rush to leave these shores
  10. By the way, the Aussies are just as bad or even worse than us when it comes to heavy boozing. A friend of mine who has lived there for 2 years has been attacked on more than one occasion at closing time in Sydney. By the way France is nice but so many of the people are just plain rude and let's not even start with the Belgians. I'd recommend Italy if you have the budget.
  11. Done. I went for a 5-10% decrease, but I'm thinking more about London & South East. Other parts of the country could take a beating.
  12. Not all in the same bed ala Charlie & The Chocolate Factory?
  13. Some people can live with their parents or other people's parents and all get along just fine. Having my own place is priceless and worth every penny. If I still lived with parents I'd be bloody loaded, but not very happy.
  14. The UK is a great place to live these days if you are wealthy. If you have decent skills you can probably get a fairly well paid job but you'll then be hammered by rip off taxes on everything. Then there is the crap weather, pollution, risk of terrorist attacks from ungrateful asylum seekers, ever rising population of chavs and obese layabouts who want to do nothing and have everything. There really are far more serious problems to worry about in the UK than the cost of property. I have many friends who moved to spain 5/6 years ago and they have absolutley no intention of returning to thes
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