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  1. The legislation came into effect on 6 April 2007. After that date all deposits taken for Assured Shorthold Tenancies should have been covered http://www.thedisputeservice.co.uk/index.php?p=207
  2. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to work - looking at postcode SN48LJ http://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-value.html?searchLocation=sn48lj&displayPropertyType=&bedrooms=&radius=0.0&sellersPriceGuide=Update+results The one at £176950 was first listed in 2008 and was reduced as far as £169000 last year - also the re-list doesn't show up on property bee
  3. Contractor Mortgages specialise in this area - http://www.contractormortgagesuk.com/ They seemed fine when I used them - but in the end I didn't complete because of problems with the house
  4. I'm seeing advert substitution - looks like my ISP is picking up my browsing habits and supplying adverts I might be interested in like jobsite ads matching similar jobs I've applied for this week
  5. Time to buy gold and emigrate to New Zealand - no CGT
  6. I posted this to the local candidates for the main parties on 12th April. <I live in Barnet and am trying to make a decision on voting. Ideally I would like to vote for someone who does not own their own home. Anyone who owns their own home has a vested interest in supporting the system which keeps the under 40s priced out of homes by continuing to flood the UK with cheap credit and restricting supply through unjust planning laws. Can any of you claim not to be a home owner?> The conservatives and liberals didn’t bother replying but I did get this back from the Labour candidate. On 3 May <Thank you for your email dated 12th April. I must apologise for the long delay in reply. I am afraid that a computer error has meant that I have only just seen your message. I am a homeowner. I do not, however, believe that this affects my views on this issue. I strongly support the greater availability of affordable housing, both to rent and to buy. Labour has done much to encourage a greater supply of affordable accommodation, notably on brownfield and inner-city sites, and I hope that we can do more if re-elected. We are investing £7.5 billion over two years to 2011 to build new houses, delivering 110,000 additional energy efficient homes to rent or buy. We will also reform the council house financing system so that local authorities can build up to 10,000 houses per year by the end of the next Parliament. We will guarantee the three million households who rent from a private landlord the right to a written tenancy agreement, and we will establish a new National Landlord Register. I hope this is helpful in giving you an indication of my views. Thank you again for contacting me on this matter. Yours sincerely, Damien Welfare Labour Candidate, Chipping Barnet> Now I work in computers and take great exception to people who slag off computer systems that work exactly as specified – especially law makers whose laws never work as specified so I replied <Your message went into our Spam box, where it was discovered yesterday. There was no reason, that I am aware of, as to why it should have gone there. I thought it important to reply to you as soon as I could. I am sorry that you do not feel able to support Labour again. Yours sincerely, Damien Welfare> Sure enough then this computer problem was actually a PEBKAC (problem exists between keyboard and chair) error. Sadly I still don’t have a candidate who does not own their own home so I will spoil my paper and emigrate.
  7. Hippy


    I am currently lending to 125 people sums between £10 and £30 with a mixture of A+, A, B and C over 3 and 5 years. My feeling is it is good for borrowers compared to the banks but the extended tie in is a pain for lenders - I'm slowly removing my money but that will take almost 5 years. It would really help if you could sell on your loans when you need your money back. As it is you get it back in penny packets. The lack of ISA wrapper is also a loat opportunity. The borrowers get to pay off the loan whenever they want i.e. the best customers leave early and reduce the returns. The one borrower who defaulted had a rating of A. In addition I have another borrower who has a very poor record of paying on time with a credit rating of A+ so I am also concerned that bad debt could wipe out returns
  8. Hippy


    Have about £2000 with them over a year. Returns 5.5% after bad debt (1 loan of £29 lost)
  9. This one http://www.getanoffer.co.uk/property/101/q...on-SN4-8QW.html has been advertised on Rightmove - I understood from the agents that it was a repo with an offer on it It was on offer for £195000 and I understood the offer was £189000 in February
  10. I'm getting a lot of this nonsense - I recently moved some money from a company account into my private account and got 2 phone calls from the bank loosing the money and 3 from the bank recieving it. As if I had nothing betting to do with my time than talk to those thieves.
  11. Is your relative in a position to buy you out? Then they can take all the profit if they are right and all the loss if they are wrong.
  12. I've found these people helpful in the past - www.contractorfinancials.com They are affilliated the Professional Contractors Group - www.pcg.org.uk
  13. No idea how you would find out. I'm moving out of rented accomodation this month. If the landlord gets unduely attached to the deposit I will be contacting the mortgagor Bank / Building Society saying something like ' I have been a tennant at ... for ... I am concerned that the landlord may not have permission to let his property'. I do know that as part of Mortgage Servicing there is a business process for dealing with unauthorised lettings but I never saw the letter from the process so I don't know if they request additional payments or regard the mortgage as void and request immediate repayment in full.
  14. The Mortgage holders take this quite seriously. BTL Mortgages are usually more expensive than residential mortgages so your landlord may be defrauding Northern Rock. Also the buildings insurance that your landlord should be holding may not be valid if the property is let without the conesent of the mortgage holder.
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