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  1. It's interesting to see the number of West End homes still on the market without Home Buyers report. To me this is a huge red flag - if something has been sitting on the market for over 6 months already, it is by definition, over-priced, and possibly has something expensive wrong with it. I know some sellers have bitten the bullet after having their property sit for months and add a report to the listing. This is encouraging: at least it seems like the behaviour of a more motivated/realistic seller, who's not afraid of having a reasonable number placed on the value of their home. As for the rest out there, languishing without a report - why would anyone look unless they reduce the price?
  2. Hear hear on the death/divorce/dementia/debt comment! Sadly, on the whole, serious sellers are few and far between in the West End at the moment. Some places have been sitting on the market for 9 months+, and the owners are still rejecting offers way above what they paid for their flats. It's really just a waste of the time of everyone involved, by the time offers are made, surveys performed, viewings arranged. The EAs must get sick of it too. I just hope the owners enjoy sitting in on weekend afternoons, while they waste prospective buyers time holding out for "the 2007 number"! Time for a Google-maps mash-up collating days on market, price reductions etc. Sites like trulia.com in the States are light years ahead of s1homes.com/gspc.co.uk. Perhaps the sellers would also get a handle on the real state of affairs if they saw their property stagnating up there before an informed public... Anyone got a list of the best UK property mash-ups with this kind of information?
  3. http://www.s1homes.com/buying/search/2007091114384529.shtml After offers and competitive counter offers at o/o 265, the avaricious sellers have settled on FP 345... (ha ha!) May they wait many moons to accept a bid lower than those they rejected. Maybe a new table cloth would help with the valuation ;-) Big heads up to sellers: it's not 2007 any more. The question is are Glasgow owners a bit slow in accepting the new economic reality, or is this just my impression?
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