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  1. Solicitors letters are just that, solicitors letters, and certinly nothing to be scared of. The forum is not directly responsible for what those who post on it say, it is a medium and nothing more. In any case there was nothing overly insulting or libellous in what I read. What will 7HIV do when they receive the solicitors letters of those that have been hurt by them? Just laugh I suppose.
  2. Everything about this affair with any real substance is dissapearing from the web, first here where they invite "Have your say in our popular discussion forum" (your say as long as you tow the line it seems) and now at themovechannel too, what is going on. Do those involved have such sway? 7ci? AIPP? Bill.
  3. The other thread was quite interesting, must have got up some bodies nose though. I really hate it when good threads dissapear like that. You can get the pages out of googles cache if they are there, be quick though.
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