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  1. 34 Million pounds worth of property SOLD in a month, wait till the Autumn bounce takes hold. http://news.scotsman.com/scotland/Estate-a...onth.5562803.jp
  2. This may be a good topic for you to get started here is a simple question for you. How much do you think the HPI Will be for the third quarter, i am going for a conservative 3.5% growth, could be more though, how much growth do you think the 3rd quarter will bring ?
  3. An excellent article, a little on the conservative side for my liking though, supply and demand will ramp prices far higher than this by 2014, id say more like a 75 percent jump is more likely across the board.
  4. Every day more information is being published in local and national newspapers, and on the TV, unfortunatly these denial tactics and desperate claims that HPI Is not here are laughable. To all the king herods in denial, just buy now, get it over with, you are preying for this crash that will never come, your time is fading every day as the MONSTER KNOWN AS HPI IS VERY HUNGRY.
  5. This forum gives an excellent opportunity to discuss what the hpi will be over the coming few years, now that the mini dip is well and truly over, the question is how long will it take for the mini drop to be gobbled up by the monster known as HPI. My guess is the Autum bounce followed by next years spring bounce will see all the small losses over the last few years gone, then its UP UP AND AWAY.
  6. It used to be about a property crash, you know the one that never happened but was so much talked about ( well it was on here anyway ) So now that the mini crash is out of the way, and HPI Is now happening, most of the doom merchants with there graphs and stats will gradually fade away So to sum up whats this all about, well its now to discuss House price inflation, and how high it will go, before the next downturn So jump in and fill your boots
  7. Surprisingly low, once the Autum bounce arrives id expect these figures to be much higher.
  8. Now that house price deflation is finished, and even the most ardent doom mongers, renters, and stay at home mummies boys saving up for the day that will never come, must accept, HPI is here and its up up and away. Even King Herod when he finally saw the waves splashing about his feet, must have thought oops i got it wrong anyway i for one will not call for the end of this forum, i have found some of the information very informative and handy in some instances it has even made me a few quid, so keep up the good work with the graphs and other stuff, think of yourselves as mini king herods as the waves of HPI Move in on you. No one will think wrong of you if you continue your denial, YOU GOT IT A WEE BIT RIGHT , LETS FACE IT AFTER 10 YEARS OF RAMPANT HPI, and 120% growth, it lost 15% okay maybee 20% whoopee doo, now its went back up 5% even if you did get it right ( which you did not ) and got your 40% drop, what then ? it would only have bounced back again anyway. So after the biggest anti climax of all time, the expected never hapened never mind when will the next big crash happen ? So as rents rise, inflation rises, house prices rise, what you gonna do, whats the exit strategy, keep saving for the deposit, as prices rise its another king herod job, what with rents rising due to supply and demand, and HPI Going faster than you can save. If you are not on the ladder now mmm will you ever be ?
  9. I Only hope the profits of doom who frequent this forum will stick around when HPI Really takes a hold, the hpi is mild at the moment and you can see there despair. Remember the old 40% drop predictions The RICS Have even reveresed there end of year predictions now, sales are up, prices are up, volumes are up, and hpi is a gathering pace. The PARTY IS OVER BOYS, you had your fun, stick around though and watch as its Up Up And Away for house prices, im glad i bought at the bottom of the market, its a sit back now and watch the hpi.
  10. Yip the HPI In Edinburgh is slow at the moment holiday season, once we get the Autum bounce the real percentage HPI Will kick in. If only id bought 10 years ago, id have had 120% hpi till the crash started late 2007, then id have lost 15% over the next 2 years befor re gaining it all back by July 2010.
  11. only a 1.1% rise in holiday month is not unexpected, id expect much bigger rises once the Autum bounce kicks in, im predicting yoy down around 5% come the end of the year. Spring bounce next year should all but wipe the minus figure out.
  12. 585 sales in Edinburgh, not great but still sales none the less, and a steady increase in percentage hpi to boot, so 585 looking to buy, i can see the wheel turning now the engine has started a steady increase in sales volumes and prices as the year goes forward. Actually pretty good volumes considering its holiday time, we will see what the Autum bounce brings, as steady hpi goes forward as the year goes on, next years spring bounce will wipe out all the losses over the last 2 years, Dont blame me blame King for QE, and next to nothing interest rates ( these 2 factors were not in the equation and the out come is unclear ) however the stock markets up, the pounds up, house prices up. Can you see a patern
  13. Yes these figures tie in with what i called 3 months ago the prices are on the up again, they hit there crash price at the beginning of this year with the 12 to 15 percent drop from peak. Prices after the last 4 months of rises will see us back up to near peak bubble prices by spring next year, by the time of the election 2007 prices will be surpassed. For those who have waited, sorry folks you have missed the property train, it has left the station, but dont worry rents are down at the moment, so make sure you got a long lease, because the suppñy and demand issue will hike the old rents over the next 2 years, as landlords squeeze them back up again. Those who bagged a 5 year fixed rate low interest deal, and bought a property 15% down in price, well done you got it made, those who missed the train keep on a saving up your deposit, the next crash will surely come, by 2024 i predict another crash.
  14. hmmm so after 3 straight months of hpi, and the election less than 12 months away, so come the election and say we are back up to and even surpass peak bubble prices What are we all going to do, wait 10 years for the next crash Its not looking good folks, Stock markets up, the pounds up, house prices are up, consumer confidence is up, the recession is all but over
  15. where i am we have had a 10 percent drop in 2 years, which was preceeded by a 100% rise in the previous 5 years anyway prices have risen for the last 3 months and we are in relative terms 5% down from peak bubble and creeping up there month by month.
  16. Its a supply and demand issue, there are more buyers out there than quality vendors, exclude the dross thats been kicking around on the market for over a year, any new stuff coming on that has a home report and is properly priced, ie 5 to 10 percent down from peak bubble prices, is highly sought after. This is what is causing and will continue to push up prices, as the old dross is removed from the market, and rented out, so all the rubbish goes to the renter brigade, whilst the quality stuff is snapped up, and turned into a home. Still from what you say i am suspicious that Elliot passed the lead on to somenone with a brown paper bag to give him, and deliberatly squeezed you out the loop. Best you go and knock the door and express your interest direct to the vendor.
  17. Anyone interested in a job http://www.imaginehomes.co.uk/careers/index.html
  18. Looking back at crazy comments made at peak bubble, this one is top notch http://www.imaginehomes.co.uk/news/coverag...properties.html yip fill your boots. http://www.homesandproperty.co.uk/new-home...62-3866606.html And wind forward to August 2009. http://www.remax-scotland.com/PublicListin...a9c&Index=9
  19. This government are doing a terrible job. http://news.aol.co.uk/raf-jets-deal-to-sec...106492445112537
  20. Best to prepare for the future, get on the property ladder now before one loses out on much gold. http://o.aolcdn.com/art/gat/finance/22/1/r...mic-upturn.html
  21. Yip we are in for a long steady slow rate of hpi, by the time the election comes all the last 2 years of drops will be wiped out. Shame some were predictiing 40 to 50 percent drops
  22. A 12% drop from peak to through hardly a crash, when you consider we had 100% hpi over the previous 5 years, now its going north again, i feel sorry for those who are still saving for there deposit, they should have bought 3 months ago when the market bottomed.
  23. The tell tale signs are there folks HPI, Maybee the are calling it right, the old " better be quick before you miss out " signs will appear shortly. http://www.ros.gov.uk/public/news/press_re...flash/28day.pdf
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