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  1. Because he knows people are taking him less seriously in other countries than here. As they say shit rolls downhill and he has very sloping shoulders.
  2. The man don't give a f**k by Super Furry Animals Spent some times in stormy weather Under clouds of my dilemma Now there's nothing much to do Except for sitting in front of televisions Staring back at me I'm just waiting for the microwaves To wash me into the sea You know they don't give a f**k about anybody else Out of focus ideology Keep the masses from majority Experts blame my stupid plan Left to bleed while vultures glide
  3. I'll start with hope street by the Levellers. "Dear old lady, you're looking thin Got a shopping bag with your life in Your old man's going through the bins And so it goes on hope street" "You don't seem to even care That it was you that put them there You seem to think they like it there Hanging out on Hope Street"
  4. Trust me it is amazing. On a par with these pics too. some of the best pic's you'll see But back to the speech in hand, like most people on here, it was the best speech I've heard in my time. Even better than the one the CGRM gave us before we went to Afghanistan.
  5. I'm glad shovel face has gone, I was nearly sick when I saw her. Although I think Ben the trainee stockbroker "Making money is better than sex because i'm shite at sex and also a virgin" needs a good telling off next week. Maybe they can hang him from the balcony by his braces?
  6. just gone back to the brochure, you're right it is tiny! Seems to me downstairs is just like a corridor to the upstairs. Back to the drawing board.
  7. Yes, I tried gently putting to connels that one of their props was way overpriced, he tried to rubbish my argument by saying the apartment was in such an exclusive block (K1 if you know it?), that it could afford to have the higher price tag. How do you go about including the vendor in the communications? Do i knock on the door and tell them I want to buy their home? Or will the EA provide contact details?
  8. Yeah it's pretty nice for a little one bed starter place. Gonna go see it this weekend, but the EA's still seem to live in the dreamworld where nothing is wrong.
  9. £80000? More or less? Thinking about something like this, pref with 2 beds, this seems way over priced to me.
  10. £80000? More or less? Thinking about something like this, pref with 2 beds, this seems way over priced to me.
  11. He also sent a bit to me. I'm going to buy a house off rightmove.
  12. Madness isn't it, a lot of the berkeley homes ones have been sold to a company called asset trust for shared ownership schemes, definitely in Worcester, not sure about the other locations.
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