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  1. Gone quiet on here... Hows about this piece of crap? ******
  2. Mmmmm tell me about it. As a Claygate resident I expected the secondary school to be HW... but not looking likely. No effing way are they going to Rydens, so Reeds or Claremont it will be I think... I noticed the house on New Rd is under offer when I went past this morning, on for about 1.39m with Sa-viles...
  3. There's one near me called Catling and Co (or Crapling and Co) who have often used the phrase "for the discerning purchaser" when describing a property... just sounds so *****ish to me... The other one is when they label houses as "keen to sell" - so what, everyone that isn't labelled that isn't keen to sell?
  4. The asking price was reduced within days and the house appears to be under offer now... 4 Sandown Road Esher
  5. House in Claygate recently listed fyi (or not)! Thorne Close in Claygate, townhouse. Bring your ear plugs if you want to live here as the A3 is just across the field! On for £525k, Zoopla has a current value of £535k, it sold in Jan '06 for £485k. So I guess if it sells now and around that level that takes it back to a reasonably realistic 2006 level. Then again, the original selling price would contain the 'new house premium'. 11 Thorne Close
  6. Ok... sorry It's my new toy, for when people ask questions...
  7. Sounds like you're quite keen then??? The one across the road looks hopelessly out of place for the street on the streetview. What family does want zero garden??? No wonder there are no pictures of the 'garden' in the pictures.
  8. Seems to have sold again, a mere hic-cough in the chain I guess. I'm sure there was a sold sign on the outside board this morning...
  9. You might be surprised that there are still a few banks recruiting at the moment though - Barclays Capital has been hiring as well as a couple of others such as UCB, Macquarie; the independent brokers are always hiring; and don't forget that when people move from eg Morgan Stanley or Deutsche to Barclays that creating holes elsewhere. It certainly can't be called buoyant though!
  10. And the house 2 doors along sold with Hawes quite quickly as well, and is still being shown as sold. The garden is great for the size of the house, but the location not good; the frontal picture makes it look better than it really is... I pass it about 6.15am each day on the way to Surbiton station...
  11. Yes it's HW. On Manor Rd South, opposite the road up to Hinchley Wood school... bit of a busy little area; long garden with the trainline at the bottom.
  12. This one in Hinchley Wood was mentioned many pages back in this thread as being relatively good value and it sold within a couple of weeks; I noticed going past this morning that it was back on the market: Hinchley Wouldn't
  13. Seen a lot worse out there for that kind of money...
  14. The road can be a little busy at peak times but generally it's not that bad; yes you are being harsh as it is a reasonable area to live - though much further up the hill and you get more of the A3 noise. Anyway, make your own mind up as it is still on Hamptions website for now: 51 Red Lane, Claygate
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