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  1. Someone said recently there were increases over 1,000%, but I can't remember where. Anyone who relies on these figures has got to be desperate.
  2. In my area there are places where detached houses sell for 400k. There are also places where detached houses go for 2 million. If, in 1 quarter, they sell 6 cheap ones and 1 expensive one, and then the next quarter they sell 2 expensive ones and 2 cheap ones, it will show phenomenal increases. Works the same the other way
  3. There's also no way my house increased in value by 75% in 1 year. But hey, RB seems to put a lot of faith in them!
  4. Pr*t!! I'm posting to show how ludicrous these figures are. Some areas are showing treble figure increases, which is clearly a nonsense.
  5. omg! My house is now worth 74.6% more than this time last year! Beats working!
  6. Bedford up 45% in 1 year. What an investment, had you bought a house there last year! Mind you Chelmsford is the place to have bought. Accoirding to these figures anyone who bought a house last year for 150k would now have a house valued at about 370k!
  7. And Chelmsford is up by 146% in 1 year. Still think they're telling us anything?
  8. According to this data, my area had HPI of 55% last year.
  9. Oi, Grumpy - did you get a set of those things for your birthday or something?
  10. Read it? I feel as if I practically wrote it!
  11. I want prices to fall but don't think they will, having considered a number of factors. I hope I'm wrong. You want prices to fall, so you will consider no opposition to that position. See the difference?
  12. They represent the actual spend ratios. E.g. if people spend a higher proportion of their total spend on petrol, its weighting will increase. Both the CPI and RPI are an attempt to measure the changes in the cost of buying a representative basket of UK goods and services. The methods used to calculate both indexes are similar. Each month thousands of prices for a selection of goods and services are analysed to check on any increases. Some of the goods and services will carry a higher weighting, reflecting the fact that we spend more on some items than others. Each year, the make-up of the "basket" of good and services, and the weightings assigned to them, are revised to take into account changes in spending patterns. For example, in recent years people have tended to spend more of their money on electrical goods, travel and leisure, while the proportion they have spent on basic items such as food has fallen.
  13. You didn't have to read the whole topic. Just the post within which I promised to come back with more examples. Which I did. I notice you still haven't told me what shenanigans you're accusing me of, by adding my examples in the original post rather than a new one.
  14. You've acted like the politician here. You asked me a question. I gave you my answer, almost immediately. I promised to elaborate and I did. It didn't support your view so you ignored it and wrote a number of posts asking why I put the elaboration in the original post, rather than in a separate one. What possible difference could it make?? You've failed to explain to me what the problem was with that, other than that I ruined thread chronology I would argue that what I did was far more logical, since it captured the whole of my answer in 1 post, making it much easier for the readers. But you avoided the debate on the accuracy of weightings in the CPI, so well done.... Are you Blair in disguise?
  15. Yes they are. (Why describe them as comedy figures if you don't know what they measure?)
  16. You make a good point here. Many posters try to guage what will happen based on what they think ought to happen, rather than what central banks and other policy makers are likely to do. When talking about IRs for example, it's pointless arguing that the UK CPI underr ecords. The point is that the MPC are targetting CPI 2%, end-of story.
  17. OK, I'm a thread-chronology-ruiner. Not a word of debate about the examples I provided, it's more important that I'm a thread-chronology-ruiner, since I committed the heinous crime of adding the detail to the original post, for comnpleteness, rather than adding an additional one. I should be banned from the Forum for ruining the chronology of the thread.
  18. That link was an article talking about a possible end to high price rises in London. That's exactly what I've been predicting. Are you coming over to my way of thinking GOM? I always thought you were predicting a fall in prices. Seems I had you wrong.
  19. Me neither, which explains the current level of prices and certain Bears' frustrations at the absence of a HPC.
  20. So - still plenty of money in the economy then? Is this good for you, or bad?
  21. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fixation Let it go, man. It was about 18 months ago now. We all know what's happened since in the SE.
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