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  1. Like me, they probably didn't believe that prices had risen by 75% per annum in my region. Or the 3,500% increase in parts of London. It seems you're the only one on the planet that thought they indicated anything!
  2. Actually, if you check, I only ever retaliate with you - you're always the one who has the first dig! Apologise? After you called me a braggart? I should co-co!
  3. I suppose some will find a bit of succour in RB's posts. Particularly those that don't understand the concept of nominal and real corrections, like Gormless Grumpy.
  4. So the difference between a crash in prices and a slowdown in inflation is pedantry is it? And some other bloke thinks it's just about the use of quotes? You lot are the biggest sheep of all.
  5. His thread subtitle isn't. He substituted the Time's quote of "correction" with his own "long awaited HPC is about to happen". I expect he thought that by putting it within quotation marks, people would assume it was a quote directly from the article. It seems many did. There is a significant difference between a stagnation-led correction and a house price crash, and the article talks about a fall in hpi not a crash.
  6. I love the way you expressed the Times actual comment (above) into your thread title, along with quotation marks to look as though it's an actual quote. Why did you feel the need to do that? Because it distorts the facts of what the Times said?
  7. I'd have 'em all out if my teeth were costing me £100 every month.
  8. I remember all the Australia posts. They were "evidence" of a UK crash, if I remember correctly - prrof positive of what would happen here. All starngely forgotten about now, just like the end of the Japanese carry trade which was going to "cause a crash within weeks" (this being about 16 months ago) If I had a pound for every bit of evidence put forward as definite signs of an imminent UK crash over the last 3 years, I'd be a wealthy man.
  9. Good point. The MPC has a remit to support economic growth
  10. 2 points: Are you absolutely sure that prices wouldn't have started rising again, even had there not been a cut in August 2005? Everyone assumes thatr this is the only reason prices didn't crash, and yet we don't know for sure, do we? Secondly, even if the cut did prevent a crash, you can't just discount it in the way you have. MPC intervention is presumably just as likely in the future. It's hardly an unforeseen event is it - it's all in the "game"? I predicted Man U would win the FA Cup on Saturday. My prediction was going completely to plan, it was only Chelsea scoring in extra time that changed the outcome.
  11. same if you talk about pr1cking the housing bubble!
  12. I find it grim in Barking, to say the least. I have to say that the most depressing part of the population seem to me the indigenous part . Aggressive, snarling, pit-bull owning chavery at its worst IMO.
  13. Maybe now, but surely the bulk of the 56,000 were killed by UK/USA bombs?
  14. I'd second that. My 2 lads are both in IT. The younger one is looking to change employers, and he can't believe the number of jobs about (London)
  15. Remember Dr. Bubb's comment at the time: the "profit" may be in his head, not in reality. come back in 2-3 months, and tell us how he is doing
  16. By stagnation I mean lower than wage-inflation increases. Like the 26 crashes you quoted in your earlier post. As you say, this coming correction will be no different
  17. So do all stagnations. Most of the 27 crashes since 1688 (26 of them?) did not involve nominal price falls. They were generally periods of rising house prices, albeit at a lower pace than wage inflation. Great Crash 2 will be no different to the other 27 crashes since 1688. So you finally admit we are not going to see nominal price falls. This is quite a climbdown from your previous expectation that prices will fall in £ notes. But I agree with you, RB, this correction will be no different from the vast majority of house price corrections. You just need to convince some of the other posters on here.
  18. . I only wind you up about him whenever I see one of your posts referring to him losing his house. You're obsessed with him, just look through all your posts, practically every other one makes some reference to him - let it go before it eats you up. Get a life of your own, without wishing ill on a youngster. Sad [email protected], you're in your 40s aren't you?
  19. Believe it or not, my father-in-law said exactly the same to me when my wifew and I bought our first home. We now know that inflation was what it was, but at the time we didn't know what was going to happen. For all we knew our mortgage repayments were always going to be more than 50% of our joint take home pay.
  20. Yes, I saw that thread. Having seen stagnation in my area for about 3 years, before wages caught up and prices started to rise again, I don't have any problem with believing that it's a possibility.
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