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  1. Err, it's because he believes there will be stagnation that he hasn't traded up yet. (You may need to get someone to explain the logic behind this.) If you mean, why didn't he keep the other house and rent it out, sorry, we're bot against BTL, on principle. Of course his money's in NR. It's in my wife's account (low rate tax). As an existing account holder, it's guaranteed beyond the 35k limit. I've transferred a lot of my own money into it too. I worry about you sometimes , GOM. This stuff isn't difficult to follow.
  2. Renting? He wouldn't do that! Why pay rent to some scum BTL landlord? (no offence Grumpy, I know you're a landlord) Good that he sold his out for 37k more than he paid for it though, isn't it? Especially when you and others said he bought at the peak. Oh, my aching sides.
  3. No. (0/10 for verbal reasoning skills) Moved into fiancee's larger home, which she owns. Intention is to sell hers and buy better home jointly. Is this a good idea? Any tips from you financial geniuses? (I won't hold last years duff advice against you)
  4. Oh dear, oh dear. 1. I never bought NR shares. I never SAID I bought NR shares. I simply asked if it was worth buying NR shares, and mused about doing so. 2. My son did not STR. That is not the only reason people sell houses. They sell and buy other houses 3. I never ever mentioned Son in law. Charlie made that one up, presumably because I misspelt Son as SOIM. (fat fingers) Does making things up to try to make your point work for you guys? Point is: Son bought house in 2006 for 248. Son sells house in 2007 for 285. You lot told me he was foolish to have bought it. You were wrong. Deal with it.
  5. I didn't buy NR shares. GOM made that one up. Soim made healthy profit on his house. He's rather glad he listened to me and not you
  6. Son bought house for 248k in 2006. hE just sold it for 285k I haven't bought shares in NR. Earlier post, was a mistake - I thought I was logging in elsewhere.
  7. Oh come on Oldie - you can do better than that! My opinions on the likelihood of a real rather than nominal price correction are hardly out of the ballpark! (Whereas your expectation of a crash by now has hardly proved a sensible line of thought, has it? )
  8. Why? I'm more interested in house prices than interest rates. Is there some kind of link?
  9. RB, I think most people on here would agree that you're as mentalist as a March Hare.
  10. I can confirm that those rates are not atypical for IT jobs in London. Edited to clarify that I think they are typical, in case anyone thought atypical was a typo!
  11. Maybe they've "had" what we "had" in 2005 and what Australia "had" too. It's as well not to get carried away with some of these "indicators" of financial meltdown.
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