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  1. S**t, you're right. Oh god, now I'm panicing. I was sure that I had all the time in the world to sit and wait whilst house prices stagnated, all the time saving more and more of a deposit to ensure a better rate on a smaller mortgage when I eventually but, but your highly informative and insighful post has now persuaded me that I've been wrong all this time. I'm glad knowledgeable people like you post on here, it really makes it worthwhile me logging on every day.
  2. I hope I'm in a position to start smug threads like this when I eventually buy. Thanks for the insight.
  3. Oh S**t, I'd better pile my hard earned cash in to property as soon as possible now that Gregs will be taking 6,000 unskilled workers off the jam roll!!!
  4. Yeah, sure, but as you've said, for the interim. Surely this level of bank support and low interest rates cannot be sustained? I'm guessing after the next election is the time when a lot of this support for homeowners will fall away. I'm a FTB and I personally won't touch property until after the election, which I guess is a lot of people's sentiment atm.
  5. Any reason why we shouldn't believe it? If I was a gambling man, I would say it is more likely to be proven accurate than not. All things considered.
  6. Alebit a VI with a modicum of common sense, prepared to act upon his beliefs, unlike the VI bulls.
  7. Brilliant news OP. Keep buying everyone, less competition for me late next year when I buy. Last thing I need is to enter a bidding war with lots of cash rich buyers with more money than sense. Pile it all in now, that's what I say.
  8. This is shaping up to be one of the biggest bull traps in history. Makes sense really considering it's following one of the biggest busted flushes in history. Buy now and you're a f***ing mentalist!
  9. I'm sure Hamish's mortgahe advisor friend gave him that 50k average earnings figure. No doubt from all of the self cert applications he'd received over the last five years!!!
  10. A train driver earns over 60k?! If that's true, they won't be for much longer!
  11. Errrr, probably not. Don't see that as being particularly unlikely in two years time.
  12. Always found Cliff D'arcy top be spot on, tbh
  13. LOL! I'm sure the bears that have bought had a good reason to do so. Perhaps they were happy with the reduction and weren't concerned re further drops, perhaps there were personal reasons for needing to do so. I doubt very, very much that they bought thinking that we were anywhere near the end of this mess.
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