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  1. Lloyds and RBS are not merged. If Scotlland was independent, the failures would have been allowed to happen. The banks would not have been bailed out. The knock on effect would have been bad for everyone in the UK but would not have bankrupt Scotland as Scotland would not own a private multinational company and would not be liable for its debts. The Scots are NOT trying to bring down England. There is no conspiracy. Some people at the top of Labour are Scottish. The Scots receive money via the Barnett formula and this formula is going to be changed either very soon or when the oil reserves in the North Sea are depeleted and England can free itself of its troublesome cousin. There is no need to feel personal hatred for English, Scots or Welsh or to delight in the prospect of them being plunged into poverty. There are some real sickos on this site. It was always the case but it used to be mixed with intelligent posts. It is a great shame.
  2. I would just like to point out that the English are blameless in this credit crunch thing. Scots should pay for all the debts of any multinational company that has its headquarters in Scotland or which has a Scottish person on the board and England gets to keep all the oil and Scotland abandons its national sports teams and merges with England. For me that is the only thing that will redeem them.
  3. Yes. It's the Jocks what done it. The Jocks in Northern Rock and Bradford and Bingley brought down the Britain. The Jocks in Halifax brought down the Bank of Scotland and Halifax. The Jocks in Lloyds brought down Lloyds. The Jocks in London created the housing bubble. The Jocks forced Blair to lead the Ooh Kay into war. The Jocks get 5 times the benefits of London. The Jocks is 2012 Olympics innit. Their fault. Is the Jocks wot coz the oil price. Yez we must kick them out and steal their water what done it. Bring back Thatch she wot innit show 'em.
  4. I was not inferring that but even if I was I do not think it is sick and juvenile although I bow to your superior intelligence in labelling it so. Having ready many of the debates I would have to say that many contributors, particularly on the AMMGW side do exhibit symptoms of NPD. There seems to be a rage inside some of these characters as they fumble around trying to find a theory that will allow them to feel OK. In their attempts they ignore the weight of scientific thinking and simpy dismiss it. They never come up with an alternative theory that stands up to the least criticism. This behaviour come across as a symptom of some underlying problem. We need to look at ourselves and work out why, when we can't possibly know for sure, we come down SO STRONGLY in favour of one side of an argument and end up insulting people.
  5. Ah right ... that is why GW is natural ... it is because I am 8.
  6. You sound as if you are really clever. That is great. Hope you make loads of money and have better things than most other people as a result.
  7. MMGW is probably true. CO2 and other gases do trap heat in the atmosphere. It has been known for years. I will believe this until a better theory is produced as to why global temperatures are increasing and the glaciers are melting. As soon as a better theory is introduced I will believe it immediately. I won't deny a theory just because I have angry feelings inside due to something that happened to me during my formative years which I cannot resolve and which leads me to think that EVERYTHING is a conspiracy and that I know better than "experts" because of a funny feeling in my tummy.
  8. Good luck to him but Edinburgh houses were amongst the most ludicrously over valued in the history of Western Europe. Maybe first time buyers might have a chance soon.
  9. Your wish will surely be granted. I cannot see how we can have such a steep rally when the recession is only in its earliest stages. People in the 1930s got spanked by these rallies. There is money to be made in all this volatility of course, if you have luck, money and guts.
  10. Is it a stone built, older property? i.e. what period is it? I am a bit surprised at this. I know of concrete hovels with tiny gardens outside Edinburgh on the market for 200k last year! I thought that was a crazy asking price.
  11. The problem is that it is perceived as racist to complain if your job is going to India. If it had been France people would feel freer to object. I do not think people care about anything anymore. They just think that unless you let rich executives control where jobs go we will all perish. That is the ideology peddled by the far right parties in the UK (Labour, Tory and Liberal) and people seem to believe it. I want the Houses of Parliament to be off shored in support of Globalism.
  12. After government owned RBS announced swingeing job cuts in the UK, the following news went remarkably unnoticed. http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/News/N...how/4357134.cms Is this the first time in history that a government has pursued a gloablist ideology which mandated them to transfer government jobs overseas in times of a depression? Most people seem OK with it. Are we the first people in history to demand that our taxes, our experience and jobs are sent overseas? Do most people think this is a good thing ultimately? Could this be the policy that secures Labour a win in the next General Election? What other government jobs could we send off shore to save ourselves a fortune?
  13. Yea. Roll over and let them tickle yer stomach like a good little dog. Revolution is coming ya bas.
  14. That may be so but I am arguing that it is unwise for it to happen too quickly and in a disorderly fashion. History shows that if you force them to starve for a generation until we are at slum level people will respond and take control of the market and install an alternative system. There is no need to give up all control to corporations. Applying some wisdom to the situation shows that a degree of protectionism is, on balance, a good thing to stop people either dying or killing others. What about child labour? Is that a good thing too? Sending kids up chimneys? Massive divides between rich and poor? That is all that happens in a free market. We tried it in Victorian times. It was rubbish.
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