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  1. Silly me I got it now. The other part I was asking is can the hit counter on each house be unlocked to show how many clicks on each property. You can get a copy from your estate agent.
  2. Property bee and rightmove extras I have noticed that the facility “recently removed from sale” section is missing from the Rightmove web site. I often spot a house I am interested in has had the for sale sign removed and a quick look on the site confirms that it has indeed been taken off the market. Unless I am doing something wrong I cant see it anymore? My house has been on the market now for ten weeks with only 2 viewings. Last week I asked for a copy of the rightmove performance data. This shows the hits on your property for sale. i.e. click through rate in the last 7 days and 14 days. Also tell you the number of extra detail views on the house for sale and the branch average. Not good reading. Mine was 11 in 14 days. There are lots more and it would be nice if we could all access this information. I did spot on the bottom of my print out **extra detail views is the number of times your full property details get seen outside the normal click through from your property advert. Please visit www.rightmove.co.uk/property-to-you/property-to-you for more information. Doesn’t seem to work for me but I expect someone on here can unlock it
  3. Lol Didn’t see that one coming. Seriously some and even the small ones must be running out of cash. New instructions and no sales will be stretching the office budget. I can see one EA my area has about 340 properties on the books. Must be a serious drain if you can only shift maybe a couple max a week.
  4. EAs on the edge? What is the future for estate agents now? I have just looked in the area I am interested in buying on the rightmove website and a search today of the post code plus 3 miles throws up 125 properties added in the last 14 days and only 6 changed to sold STC . The last time I looked about 2 months ago the average amount of sales per local estate agent office was less than one a month. If they are getting new instructions at this rate how are they funding. The local rags property guide every Wednesday has gone from 32 pages in February to 48 pages this week. It must be a large drain on the office budget. Not to mention all the other costs involved. Is this a time bomb ticking away or am I missing something?
  5. I have just put my house on the market, as I do need a bigger house. I may rent for a while if I can get a sale this year but I don’t expect it to happen anytime soon. I spoke the guy who did the EPC on Tuesday and he has never been so busy. He did confirm that most of his clients were soon to be ex BTL landlords never seen so many coming to market, as for the others most just has a different reason to sell. The guy who fitted the for sale sign outside my house one hour ago just confirmed it. He is installing 30 a day and for the last few weeks easy 200 a week. My area is only selling about 40 a month between 8 estate agents. I also asked him how may “sold” do you add to the signs a week? He said on a good week about 8 but usually 5. Is this the start of capitulation?
  6. Sorry to bring this one back to the top but I do now need some help on this one. After waiting many months for the endowment company’s to give the surrender values of the two policies I can now proceed with buying back the other half of my home. I have been quoted the figures below Property value 150k Less mortgage 27.5 k Equity 122.5 k One endowment policy surrender value =11,700 Second endowment policy surrender value = 5,500 The insolvency practitioners requires 70k I have 14 days to let them know if I wish to proceed with buying the half share of my home, which I intend to. Also 28 days to show documentary evidence of my available funds. I am currently “self employed 20 to 25k a year. Any advice on what to do next? For what its worth I think 140 k is a true market value in the current climate. Although the house across the road has now dropped 10k off the asking price now at 160k and is 2500 below what they paid for it June 2007 and it was previously sold in November 2006 for 135k
  7. I have two businesses one an Internet based on motorcycle parts around a certain type of V twin that has been running very well for 6 years up until about 2 months ago when sales just fell off a cliff. My hits counter is going up daily so customers entering my shop so to speak but very few are parting with the cash. Also I have a sweet shop that is very very busy. I put that down to one of my competitors struggling. They are very close to me but look to be in trouble. Their shop now looks very empty and I do happen to know they don’t settle bills very often. I am expecting it to go out of business in January. They bought a very well established business almost two years ago for a silly amount of cash. I do know they re mortgaged the house to buy it. They are a family of morons thinking you could just buy a business and spend like there is no tomorrow off the proceeds unfortunately they forgot to put the cash back in each week to buy stock. This will be my second nearest rival in about one year closed. Oh and BTW house price sale in my area are down min 30% on 2007 price achieved. I keep an eye on the sales achieved website for the land registry and the very few that do sell don’t get anywhere near asking prices.
  8. SSTC amazing I went up to have another look yesterday, I wish I could post a photo of the front then you would get the idea why it's in this thread.
  9. First-time buyers 'give up hope' Could not see any other thread on here. http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2009/ma...property-ladder
  10. Mrs Rino How do you explain this then http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/mortgages-and...mp;in_page_id=8
  11. First-time Homebuyers Rush To Join Bargain Hunt I did think why would FTB want to be on that stupid car boot sale TV program. Oh I see they are buying falling assets hardly a bargain
  12. Rightmove puts up about 1 million I believe, but an example of my postcode I can see only 49 listed. Yet I can find another 20 houses for sale that aren’t listed in my area. If the OP wants to use % then that’s 40% more for sale.
  13. Well I just had a look on the land registry site using my postcode. March April sales 2007 =18 March April sales 2008 = 9 March April sales 2009 = 1
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