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  1. I guess that is why we may get voluntary euthanasia? That or be nice to your kids so that they may look after you an d *earn* their inheritance. you could even spend the lot if you are worried about helping others...
  2. Intersesting one to 'police' I would have thought? What if one party to a joint mortgage is a newbie and the other not? Is the tax unchanged for everyone else [apart from 5% over £1 million]
  3. If house prices are rising is that not 'inflation'? Will we get an interest rate rise!
  4. Too little info and too many guestimates. Are the mortgages being serviced as we speak, does she have a tenant? does the rent cover the mortgage? Have you tried to sell either property to ascertain its 'real' value? Is girl worried? If the payments are being made what is there to fear? 25 years is a long time and whilst i am a bear in the medium term, history does have a habit of repeating it's self...
  5. No harm in trying a lower offer though is there, you might find someone else as sensible as you!
  6. Huh! I think you'll find I did get the option of Lie [not advisable]... http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...p;#entry1817772
  7. IMF predicts prolonged, deep global recession The International Monetary Fund on Thursday forecast a prolonged, deep global recession, a "sluggish" recovery, and weak capital flows to emerging economies that would hammer eastern Europe. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/finance...-recession.html
  8. Erm, Live with friends /family pay up front lie [not advisable] council house charity hostel Are there any others?
  9. Or just market it asking for best offers and take that as your valuation. I can understand why you might want to sit tight rather than go through the upheaval of moving at a time like this. If Family do help out with the mortgage, try taking in a lodger to help pay them back more quickly.
  10. Yes - I do wish more people would recognise this. As an aside as I can't find out how to start posts, 'BankThink maintains that curbing bonuses will lead to a brain drain from the sector. What brains are those? I guess it must be the great intellects who can't see a problem with creating the credit crunch, then asking taxpayers on the average income (about £25,000 - a year, not an hour) to fund their bonuses. Adherents to BankThink say big bonuses attract the best people. They don't: they attract the soulless, the amoral and the avaricious. Professions such as teaching and medicine - and, ye
  11. Shame because by then the house they want to move up to will have gone up too, so in they have to take out a bigger mortgage than if they had discounted and bought at a discount now.
  12. I had the exact same thing happen to me. you will get a viewing if you are assertive by insisting and gently explaining that you are aware that they have a duty to achieve the best possible price. Drop the NAEA into the conversation somewhere http://www.naea.co.uk/ and if you do want to make an offer I would make it in writing and get them to stamp and sign a copy for your records. They probably are trying to keep it for a 'mate'.
  13. Whilst public anger with Fred is understandable this extreme group in using these methods to make their point are only going to hurt their cause. Violence and physical intimidation is not acceptable to democratic people.
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