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  1. It's a long answer. The lifetime allowance and the lifetime allowance charge: benefit crystallisation events and for lump sums The lifetime allowance and the lifetime allowance charge: benefit crystallisation events: each of the benefit crystallisation events (BCEs) in detail: BCE 6 relevant lump sums My mistake, I meant protection from the reductions in lifetime allowance.
  2. I used to work for the DWP and I find your posts very informative. Everything you've posted makes sense to me, but I would make one observation: HM Government's approach to pensions has often been muddled (the AA for DB pensions, for example) and the idea that Gordon Brown would NOT want to reduce DB pensions while removing a tax relief that would contribute to exactly that outcome does not seem far fetched to me.
  3. Given Gordon Brown thought he had ended boom and bust, that is not impossible.
  4. I quite enjoy the HPC frugalista "top tips". Cans of tuna can be stacked up to replace furniture. When food prices rise too high, simply eat your least used chair or table.
  5. I thought this comment informative (it's not me). Maybe automation is the answer, if farmers can afford the energy for the machines?
  6. National Farmers' Union: Labour shortages cost millions in fruit and veg waste Looks like farmers really didn't want to pay workers a bit more to pick the crops.
  7. They were supposed to be a stepping stone into the world of full-time work, but the implementation was wrong.
  8. I bought into this. https://rippleenergy.com/our-wind-farms/graig-fatha
  9. One of my friends lives in the New Forest and does what @Grayphil describes. I think deadfall belongs to the Crown, but nothing is enforced and Forestry England seem pretty useless.
  10. I'll take your word for it, but I would ask whether they were economic migrants that could support themselves, were net contributors etc. I think the belief that only white people can be racist is, ironically, itself very parochial.
  11. I edited my post because it was a useless question. I suspect that if we only had economic migrants that could support themselves and were net contributors as above then the total amount of immigration would not be an issue.
  12. This is really a non contribution based welfare state problem rather than an immigration problem. If this lady can support herself (legally), and she is a net contributor to the economy and the Exchequer then she should be welcome. If not then there should be a clearly defined reason (eg refugee, exceptional skills) why she should be supported by the taxpayer.
  13. The great thing about calling people racist is that it removes any need to debate with them, because they’re racist.
  14. Disappointingly, Nationwide / The Mortgage Works stress rates haven't gone up. https://www.themortgageworks.co.uk/lending-criteria/income#stressRate
  15. But is this a one-off step change or the start of a persistent increase in wages? Is America's Job Market "Too Good"?
  16. This is one of the many reasons why the UK economy is in worse shape than the US's. Malinvestment in the unproductive activity of keeping house prices high is investment not made in the productive economy.
  17. Grauniad: London NHS trust cancels operations as IT system fails in heatwave BBC News: Guy's and St Thomas' systems hit by 'ludicrous' heatwave It's going to be hot this week as well. In my Trust the heatwave plan is to turn the lights off if the temperature goes above 25C. (So we can't see the thermometer I suppose.)
  18. Do you mean US bond yields? I thought China bought lots of US bonds, bidding the prices up.
  19. Agency employees don’t have access to the unfunded, defined-benefits NHS pension scheme so that’s a partial saving. Any organisation, public or private, large or small, that doesn’t properly account for the Total Cost of Employment of each employee has a problem. The NHS has a lot of employees.
  20. No non contribution-based benefits for economic migrants. After all, why would economic migrants need them?
  21. Warren Buffet said something about buying businesses you like. I like going to the pub, but oh dear. https://www.citypubcompany.com/investors/ Whether to drink up now or stay for a bit longer?
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