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  1. Maybe the family with three kids should have only have made one child. Then a two bed flat would be good.
  2. No sorry, not home sales, just asking prices. Hence fantasy vs reality.
  3. The answer to the original question is yes, it was mentioned, in passing, very briefly, coupled with the bad weather excuse at about 1.20pm, on main news. It was not worthy of a mention on the 6pm bulletin.
  4. The steel shutters and door securing the property are not included in the sale of the property. nuff said
  5. Lots of grumpy people here tonight. Post the details. Let's have a look. Mouseprice.co.uk to search to find what it sold for before. Home.co.uk to see how long its been on for. Is the seller desperate? Are properties selling in the area? I don't think there is such a thing as a silly offer, just ones that will either be accepted, or rejected. Mrs Justwatching put an offer in on a house that was on for 295k. It came down to 185k as an auction guide price. (after being on for 18 monthsish) Wife offered 150k, they said no thanks & it went to auction & sold for 191k. Worth a try t
  6. Vince has come up with a good idea. Simple. What I think is really sad is the BEEB & other 'NEWS' reports focussed on this issue. They barely mentioned the 10k tax allowance. That is another great idea & should be BIG news. But, oh no, we won't focus on the millions who would be better off, just the few rich feckers who will get stung because they have a big house.
  7. Does 'owning' a house help with fertility? Does having a mortgage make the wife a little more horny? Idea. :angry: Rent a larger, family sized home, & get procreating. Housing cycle my ****. Buy a house when you think its a good idea. No such thing as a cheeky offer, only accepted & rejected ones.
  8. I read it. No weeping. Just a profound sadness for the uneducated & greedy masses. (not neccessarily the same people) They quote fantastic mortgage deals (rates quoted) with NO detail on deposit required. Mortgage approvals have DOUBLED since a record low. What they don't say is if they doubled again, they might be close to the long term average. Sibbers, I haven't posted for a while, just been reading bollix from people like you. It's good to have a balanced arguement, but lets be honest..... This is the only quote on the comments section after the article 'Well done Gordon Brown
  9. May average over last 7 years 96000 loans for house purchase. May 09 37400 loans. 28% down on previous year. 61% down on seven year average. But, still up a whopping 4% MoM. HPC over.
  10. Not quite meaningless... More relevance than Nationwide (similar methodology, but larger sample size.) Not as relevent as LR. But...... Not yet made it onto BBC website, I wonder why?
  11. don't go sybil, u talk sense, hamishmcnow******all don't also u do a lot of legwork & research for lazy feckers like me
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