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  1. I still can't post threads so will post this here http://www.google.com/trends?q=mortgage&ctab=0&geo=gb&date=all&sort=0
  2. Like any reference you should tell the truth, I really don't think people would bother lying as is wouldn't be worth the consequences, plus in most cases there's enough truthful information to not have to lie. Maybe a form of contact information form the old tenant for the new one would be enough, then at least they can say what they want. One thing for sure is that at the moment it is very unbalanced and in favour of the landlord who very often get away with a below par performance.
  3. I don't really mean a personal reference for the landlord or though that could be included, but rather and appraisal of the flat itself and the location. Some things like early morning noise and problems with insulation are things that as a tenant you are unlikely to find out until its too late. The point is once a measure like this was in place then the landlords would have to act more reasonably so libel shouldn't be an issue either. If it was landlords could sue easily enough.
  4. all you have to look at is the income multiples and the increased levels of unemployment and its' obvious the wider market can't improve.
  5. If you're a tenant you'll know the rigmarole you now have to go through when moving into a new place, references, credit checks and like are all geared to shining the light on you as a tenant in a very thorough and invasive way. So how about references from the flat your moving into, making it a legal requirement for the previous tenant to provide a reference for the flat before you sign on the dotted line. Never again would you find yourself in a place that has all the hidden annoyances the the estate agent carefully left out. I think this would force landlords to take better care of the pr
  6. That's the way I see it and have offered to pay half the money, they won't accept the offer though.
  7. well what can you say, I guess he'll get off scott free then.
  8. Don't know if this has been mentioned as the thread is too long but are we likely to discover if Blair had any dodgy claims put forward when he was PM?
  9. the landlord is telling me I must keep records for 6 years, so because I don't have a cash receipt I must pay, is this right?
  10. Well the landlord is saying there is no record of any miscellaneous payment into their account around that time which I guess would stand as proof, I'm not 100% certain I paid that month last year in cash it just seems to be too much of a coincidence that I had a lot of cash at the time and that the standing order was cancelled for that same month. And I honestly can't see myself canceling the standing order when I had funds in the account if it wasn't because I was paying them in cash.
  11. So even if there was noting in the contract about it rolling on it can still roll on? I was paid for a job in cash this time last year which is why I think I paid in the the money to them over the counter for that month, I definitely remember doing this on at least one occasion the only other time it could of happened is the month after I moved in where I can see a cash withdrawal from my bank account for the rental amount. Whether I paid them in cash twice I just can't remember. I don't see why I would stop a months payment when I had enough money in the bank to cover the rent on the mont
  12. I have been in a place for 2 years and signed a one year assured shorthold tenancy agreement that was only valid for one year. So I have been paying rent for the past year without a valid contract. Last week my landlord e-mailed me saying I had missed a rental payment last year (after the contract period) which I believe I paid in with cash. I was going to be moving anyway but this has brought things to a head. My question is whether I should bother paying this money when I move out, unfortunately I can't find the receipt so I can't prove it was paid in. As far as I know because the agreemen
  13. Yes it's more than just buying below market value, it's more like the middleman acts as temporary lender to cover the deposit that couldn't otherwise be raised by the buyer. On the surface it sounds ok but because the property is actually being bought above market value then this raises some questions.
  14. Thought as much, I've googled BMV and there are quite a few companies openly offering this service, so is it legal?
  15. It sounded dodgy to me, I suspected it might be illegal but wasn't sure, surprising to hear a well known estate agent being involved.
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