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  1. We might have planned to do that but, assuming we had actually managed to get the plan underway, the evidence suggests that by now the projects would be running over a decade late and at around 3 times the original budget. The design we would have chosen would probably been reactor 3 here Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant - Wikipedia
  2. I do wonder what makes you get out of bed in the morning. You seem stuck in a past that to your annoyance is dissapearing and determined to hold to your beliefs that all change is bad whatever evidence there is to the contrary.
  3. Maybe its because you are a switcher. Putting the price cap in place eliminated much of the cross subsidisation that was enabling the lowest price deals. These were always loss leaders that relied on enough people not bothering to switch at the end of the low rate. According to the ONS electricity inflation over the past 5 yrs was around 25% 2015 -0.3 2016 -0.2 2017 6.7 2018 8.6 2019 7.2 2020 0.2 Many countries are now auctioning their power requirements bases on either time slots or 24hr availability. so Solar/Wind suppliers will have to factor in storage/backup. This is why CSP will be a game changer for much of the world, it can deliver its power overnight or at other peak periods. More flexibly than Nuclear and at lower cost.
  4. Renewables are bring picked because you can make a credible business case for them, a case that gets stronger every year as prices continue to reduce. Even if it was somehow possible to reduce Nuclear's costs to a competive level, we don't have the engineering capacity to build 50 large nuclear plants or hundreds of small ones. If somehow both of these issues were overcome you wouldn't be able to get public approval for covering the UK in Nuclear power plants.
  5. You have this the wrong way round. The sealed boxes are old house with half hearted attempts at improving their insulation. Done properly the airflow should be around twice that of a traditional house, with +80% of the heat recovered from the expelled air.
  6. 20yrs ago China made building up its Nuclear capacity a number 1 priority. This shortcut all of the usual planning approval process and meant the local residents had no say in where they were located and had to give up the required land with relativel little compersation. Despite this the power output of nuclear is now being overtaken by wind and solar. Barring a real cost breakthrough Nuclear has had its day.
  7. If we had started 20yrs ago we would have locked the UK into the worlds most expensive electricity for the next 30yrs. The cost of renewables, meanwhile, continued to fall even in 2020, despite Covid-linked disruption. The cost of electricity from utility-scale solar PV declined by 7% year-on-year, while offshore wind fell by 9%, onshore wind 13% and concentrating solar power by 16%. For much of the world concentrated solar power will be the new better than nuclear, producing reliable power 24x7 at prices that nuclear will not be able to match. World record low bid of $0.0399/kWh for CSP technology in Chile’s renewables auction Chili's puts all of its power requirements out to auction and in the most recent one renewable power won 100% of the requirements tendered. The recent price falls for CSP will kickstart developments across southern Europe. after building nothing for a decade Spain is planning to add 5GW of CSP by 2030 and other projects are now going ahead in Portugal, Italy Greece and Cyprus.
  8. Not really relevant, jabbing school kids was popular with the voters and there never was any intention to make them compulsory.
  9. What do you mean by no longer delivering. The Treasury has accepted the OBR's estimate that leaving the EU with a trade deal will cost us around 6% of GDP. Even if that was its peak benefit, that still a massive benefit.
  10. The JCVI seems to have put the patients interest ahead of any wider social benefits, or Boris's and the lizard peoples magnetic mind control program. I wonder how our resident TFHers will explain them going rogue in this way.
  11. I have not heard that, although the current smart chargers qualifying for the government grant can provide this information. However, neither are a great basis for taxing EV use as like many EV drivers ours are mainly charged by our solar panels and also like many I only use a normal garden 13A plug to charge mine as the wife parks hers by the charger.
  12. What is the process that generates the yield on your staked Hex.
  13. Well it didn't take much intelligence to work out that an understaffed health service faced with record demand for ICU and high dependency care wouldn't have any spare ICU/critical care staff to spare for the Nightingales.
  14. You won't get their by hanging onto an old lifestyle that is damaging the environment we all live in and cannot be shared by everyone.
  15. Does the GP have a choice in the matter, I thought they were obliged to retain patient confidentiality. If so you seem to want to find a bent GP that will provide or withhold treatment based on a parent's irrational views rather than act in the best interest of the child.
  16. The fact that you are being charged based on where you are travelling doesn't mean that anyone else can see that data or even that it needs to be stored. That's where the likes of GDPR comes in and we should be evolving it to cover new services not looking to dilute it.
  17. Or plenty of informed interest, as a household we have probably more than halved our CO2 output in the last 3yrs and life is better than before. That's quite a good incentive for investing in a better future.
  18. Well lots of parents let their 8yr old daughters go off horse riding, an activity that is about as dangerous as motorcycle racing, so why not skydiving.
  19. How do you explain the NHS's discovery of cheap as chips Dexamethasone's use as a Covid treatment and its subsequent promotion and adoption all across the world.
  20. Who is actually being tracked? I like most people make use of services that require a data link. I have no reason to believe I am being tracked for any reason other than to provide services, I have requested, that need to know my location to provide the service.
  21. No, far too little potential upside. Also there is no need to sell anything to introduce it. Since 2019 I am fully invested in the new economy though. For rent I am have National Grid, not that exciting but pays 5-6% dividend The rest is invested in Tesla, several battery firms, a battery recycling firm and several Hydrogen firms. To date I have avoided wind and solar as, in wind there are just too many competing firms/technologies to be able to pick a likely winner, in Solar there is too much Chinese investment/influence for anything other than a truly breakthrough new technology to stand a chance.
  22. Why would anyone that carries a mobile phone, even give that a second thought. As for cars the first connected car was launched by BMW in 1999, by 2014 they were fitting it to all their cars. You are in a very small minority, any debate over tracking is effectively over, people have voted with their feet. The important thing now is to have proper controls over the use of that data. Britain's attempts to resile from the GDRP and replace it with "light touch" regulation are not a good sign but hopefully Boris will be as successful in that as the rest of his Brexit negotiations.
  23. EV use far less power when stuck in traffic, so perversely they would have a congestion discount if flat charging was adopted. Congestions biggest impact is the time wasted, this is what dynamic pricing would address. There are solutions in use in places like Singapore that allow dynamic pricing without tracking (via a box that you load with prepaid vouchers) but since that was developed tracking has become so common that most people would probably now regard that as pointless extra expense.
  24. Pretty much all EVs and most modern cars already contain SIMs so tracking is already happening. Not to mention the phone or phones you and your passengers are carrying.
  25. All chargers that qualify for the government grant already include the functionality to do this. However, dynamic road pricing based on the amount of congestion you are contributing to would be a far better way of raising taxes.
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