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  1. Venger, my post was in opposition to the HMRC's growing tendency to regard taxpayers as guilty unless they can prove themselves innocent; while knowing full well that most people will not have the resources to do this. It was not in any way intended to support BTLrs in avoiding tax. Rather than the current tinkering with C24 and Stamp Duty, preference would be to fully treat BTL as a business - requiring BTLrs to take out loans at commercial rates and pay business rates on their properties. My prefeered way of addressing
  2. Surely this is a very bad thing, using the cost of challenging an arbitrary decision as a way of a preventing people from obtaining justice should never be supported - even if it is for BTLrs, even if it is Fergus himself.
  3. As far as I am aware I haven't posted any disinformation - a week or so before the vote the bbc did an piece about the factors influencing voters to vote for leave that stated that by far the biggest factors were £350m a week for the NHS and cutting immigration to the 10s of thousands. If reality scares the horses so be it, that will be for May to deal with. I accept Your point about the 58% Tory vote for Brexit being the key to understanding the path we are on; and I cannot see May surviving if she tried to avoid Brexit. I really don't envy her job over the next 3 years. I also agree that you don't have to be racist to want to stop people from wherever undercutting your employment pay/conditions but some were and won't be happy about the outcome.
  4. I know that you know that but many voters expect immigration to fall to the 10s of thousands. My point is the majority of leave votes believed that the NHS was going to get 350m a week and that immigration would be vastly reduced. I suspect when they realise that there is no extra money for the NHS and that the immigrants will keep coming but maybe a bit browner and less Christian than before they won't be too happy.
  5. On a brighter note, I have spoken to him about housing issues (in general) a couple of times and gained the impression that he is no fan of BTL or amateur landlords.
  6. You can go to SSTC in 10 minutes, all it means is you have had an offer from someone that you and your EA think is a credible buyer.
  7. I recall it did take population growth into account and was based on total GDP; rather than per capita which I agree would be more important for most people.
  8. That was the default view 10-15 years ago, but many of the countries that were expected to fly past us are now well and truly caught in the middle income trap. Pre Brexit the last forecast I saw had us as the passing Germany to become the largest economy in Europe by 2030 and still the fifth largest (or maybe it was sixth) largest economy in the world by 2035 - which when you look at a map of the world is pretty amazing. Our spending on the military is now at best 2% of GDP, that's pretty irrelevant compared with Health or Social Security.
  9. I agree, there are certainly icebergs around and no guarantee that the EU won't be sunk by one. Possibly it's already holed below the waterline but chances are it will come through. Paradoxically, rather than precipitating the break up of the EU, Brexit may be the wake up call needed to ensure that the remaining states make any changes necessary to ensure the EU's survival.
  10. If they seek to understand the exit process and the legal constraints that make touted options such as joining the EEA unviable/unattractive, its probably sinking in about now. For others it will be when we start the Article 50 process, and it becomes clear just how badly the process disadvantages the leaving partner. My prediction is that at some point during the Article 50 negotiations it will become clear we aren't going to find a free trade Nirvana outside of the EU, public opinion will swing against leaving and we will decide to stay in. At which point the French will veto our change of mind (another feature of the A50 process is, that once started it requires a unanimous vote of the 27 to stop it).
  11. Already checked as kids are pressing for Irish passports. You qualify for an Irish passport if one of your grandparents had Irish citizenship); so an option for us and no doubt lots of others. NB I am a depressed (not bitter) remainer. I suspect more than a few of you exit types will be sharing my depression before too long; as the horrible reality of the position we have got ourselves into slowly dawns.
  12. Maybe but does that invalidate their evidence e.g. about the implausibility of being able to use EEA membership to access the single market (many Brexit supporters assumed this would be a way of keeping the benefits of the EU without signing up to free movement etc).
  13. Good post, thanks. If we can safely assume the witnesses know what they are talking about, I think this session covers or at least touches upon the major Pros and Cons of the decision to Brexit. To summarise: Pros - None Cons - We are F**ked
  14. I don't want to take this tread even more off track (if that's possible) but Stanford University Med School reviewed all available evidence re benefits/impact of organic v conventional in 2014 and is worth a read - cannot find the link right now but will have another look when I have time.
  15. Good enough food is cheap by any historical comparison - organic is just a lifestyle choice that offers no real benefit to the consumer and because it needs far more land than conventional farming is bad for the environment.
  16. There may be a fairly fundamental error in the article. Looking at the Blackpool stats, I think they are using average figures for house prices and rental values without taking into account that rental property (at least in Blackpool) is heavily concentrated in the lower end of the market. After a bit of Rightmove research, I would guess the average rental property here is worth around £60k not the stated £97k, which would make quite a difference to the affordability calculations. To be fair Blackpool is probably an extreme case but I imagine other areas would show a similar albeit smaller bias.
  17. I imagine they could have coped with the long expected HPC, but overlapping Brexit recession, HPC and political instability arising from a second Scottish referendum ?
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