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  1. The bit where we give people who cannot understand words like consultative or advisory a vote!
  2. You can always find an "expert" to support your point of view. The question is how credible are your experts do they represent a mainstream viewpoint or have you gone off to the lunatic fridge for your expert.
  3. with sterling 15% down and no floor in sight, inflation is on its way. Might also prompt an interest rate rise, if we get down to 1 to 1 with the Euro.
  4. What part of consultative didn't you understand. The outcome does not effect whether or not parliament should vote on the issue, we are a parliamentary democracy.
  5. It would be nice if that happened but looking at the previous record of UK governments (of all parties) I wouldn't bet on it. Also is Brexit costs us more then about 0.5% GDP there will be no net saving, just a bigger deficit to finance.
  6. I don't see how you can "fix" the problem of the world getting more connected. It is part and parcel of globalisation which itself will be driven and accelerated by the rapidly increasing move of services from the physical to the virtual world. Likewise what is real work, if it's making stuff fewer and fewer will have anything to do with that going forward.
  7. I don't understand your concept of a vacuum, as the world gets evermore connected why does it matter where the FS are provided from or where the manufacturing takes place. It is the concept of too big to fail that needs to be tackled not the location of the service provider. Also do you think that with the possibility of simultaneous HPC and Brexit led recessions happening any government would voluntarily give the economy another kick by trying to downsize the FS sector. BTW I have always been working in IT. Only 11 years of that in FS.
  8. Them obviously but quite a few of the rest of us as well. I think it might be an age thing, I was a lunatic spender in my 20s, less so in my 30s and 40s and now cannot be bothered replacing anything, from underpants to cars until they have completely fallen apart.
  9. I am not sure I follow the logic of your argument, why cannot pure financial services be a sustainable business. That aside, there is no obvious linkage between shrinking our financial services sector and growing the manufacturing sector. On the contrary, it seems more likely that the loss of income/taxes from the most productive sector of the economy would create a headwind that would lead to further shrinkage of the other sectors.
  10. But we like being rampant consumers and we will get very upset if we have to stop.
  11. That's the argument I made much earlier for thinking that Germany will do everything possible to push through a deal on FoM that keeps us in the EU. However, that only strengthens our hand if we are prepared to do the deal. If we are going to leave whatever we have no leverage. If we do leave the Germans will be happy to agree to zero tariffs on goods, so that part of the article is a bit pointless. The hit to the UK will come in a reduction of sales of our services, which are not protected by the WTO rules.
  12. Looking at the big picture, we can only continue to be rampant consumers if foreigners keep investing enough in the UK to offset our consumer habit. They invest in the UK mainly because we are the English speaking gateway into Europe, have a respected legal system and pretty liberal employment laws. Once we leave the EU they will need to find a new gateway and we will need to learn to live within our means.
  13. If you haven't realised after all the posts on here that our only realistic option is joining another trade block EEA or WTO and that bilaterals can only happen providing both parties adhere to the rules of their chosen trade bloc, I cannot be bothered arguing with you any more. What you or anyone else thinks BREXIT means has to take account of those trade rules, otherwise BREXIT is just *********
  14. If the EU cannot get agreement, we will go out on WTO terms (assuming we haven't upset anyone enough to veto even that). This is a divorce with 27 spurned wives, anyone trying to argue that logic will prevail on either side must be one of the worlds finest optimists.
  15. How do you think that might happen? If services are impacted more than goods, their surplus might actually go up.
  16. I have never tried to say the BBC is not biased of course it is, every news organisation is. The question is how biased, my view is a little lefty despite trying not to be. Of course if you are coming at it from the swivel eyed foaming at the mouth loon point of view (whether that is an RT or a Fox News believing variety of loon) you will think it is horribly biased. UKIP were only ever a single issue party and without Farrage they are nothing. The spitting and a few other things mentioned in the news reports don't seem central to why she left, as she explained she had no power and wasn't wanted by most of the party officials.
  17. Would tippexing out Norway and replacing it with the UK count as a bespoke agreement.
  18. No one is talking of trade wars, it is just that when we leave as well as getting back control and stop paying our membership fee we are going to lose the benefits of membership this will reduce trade between the UK and the EU with complex services much more affected than goods. As for the EU having more to lose than us, this is patent nonsense as the article below explains in simple terms https://www.ft.com/content/7b78f276-8940-11e6-8cb7-e7ada1d123b1 Google - May walks into ft.com - if you haven't got a subscription
  19. In your mind maybe. But non EU immigration remaining high despite government claiming they wanted to reduce it undermines that argument as in reality it was geared to the needs of the economy. Even after exit the EU we will still have to comply with the rules and courts of whatever trade block we join. so for a trading nation in the modern world sovereignty is largely an illusion.
  20. Those are short term forecasts i.e. before Brexit happens, an unbiased observer would take that as showing the economy was doing reasonably well. The longer term forecasts of a 4% permanent drop in GDP assuming we get a good amicable exit deal have not changed; and must have been recently confirmed for the Chancellor to quote them in his interview on Tuesday night.
  21. Actually she wasn't, she never took up the post and with 1 MP UKIP is hardly a major political party. My view of the BBC is that it tries to be fair, but the lefty inclinations of the majority of its staff does show through. On the other hand you seem to have a frothing at the mouth anti BBC bias.
  22. Do you think this could undermine the Brexiteers argument that the economy was shot and on the verge of collapse anyway.
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