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  1. Metal. It seems to work quite well. At least Faraday thought so.
  2. Yet contracts are being let for less than that. All those people staking their companies and their futures on their ability to sell at that price and still make a profit. Back to who to believe, them or a random guy on the internet who thinks they cannot. Oh look Wind energy at 20 Euro MWh Silly Spaniards obviously don't understand these bids are just make believe. The German's have also taken leave of their senses German Auction Attracts First Subsidy Free Offshore Wind That wasn't expected to happen for a few years.
  3. All earth dwellers are constantly bathed in an electric field. EV battery packs are DC so in practical terms irrelevant. The inverter/motors etc that do produce a significant field are shielded and outside the passenger cell. The largest source of EMF you will encounter inside an EV will most likely be from your and your passengers phones. You are clearly worried but no need You can protect yourself from the dangerous EMFs you may encounter throughout the day by wearing a Shieldite Pendant.
  4. When Seba was making his predictions of the coming huge falls in the price of Solar/Wind power and Storage in 2010 what do you think you would have said about then? My guess is exactly what you are saying now. By 2020 all of his predictions had come true (in fact he was slightly pessimistic about solar). By comparison his predictions for 2030 are rather conservative. Whether in the short term the US invests in a new renewable future or spends the money on reinforcing the current failing system will depend on how many politicians can be bought by the oil/gas lobbies. The signs coming from the motor industry are not good. EV tax credits only for cars produced by unionised workforces and the safest cars on the road subject to a safety investigation. In the long run it won't make any difference the world will change and many of the old players will go bankrupt but they will hang on a long as possible with the aid of corrupt politicians. To me John Constable view's are as worthless as his "research" just another big oil schill. He is eerily reminiscent of Andrew Wakefield, another doctor making false claims outside his field of expertise.
  5. The link with air pollution is pretty well supported and as you say not surprising. The rest is just the usual nonsense from the man who not so long ago was going on about the vaccines magnetising you (what happened to that) and in EVs the EMF from the great big battery you are sitting on top of frying your balls (I don't think he knows the difference between AC and DC).
  6. LPG is also in high demand. As long as we/Europe are reliant on gas Putin will have a hold on us, constricting supply to raise prices with additional "technical problems" that further reduce supply occurring whenever he wants to exert pressure over specific issues. As even the Telegraph recently said fossil fuels are the problem, net zero is the solution. The sooner we can wean ourselves off imported gas the better.
  7. Apparently cheap gas was another of the many Brexit promises made to con the electorate into voting for it. Claims made by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove a month before the 2016 EU referendum that gas bills will be cheaper if Brits back Brexit resurfaced as UK is currently facing massive gas price hikes.
  8. Solar panels are cheaper than ever, I recently had 5kw installed for £4k, half what it would have cost a few years ago. Prices probably won't fall much for the next couple of years as demand is outstripping supply and already the panels themselves are less than half the cost of the system. However, battery storage is still hard to make a case for. If you installed one today best case is it would take over 12 years to recover the cost, best to wait at least a couple of years for prices to come down as they could easily fall by 80% from here over the next few years. If your car spends most of its time parked outside you could get an EV and use that to soak up any spare solar power.
  9. Good luck with that. I used to drive past the fracking protests when visiting my parents in Blackpool. The scale of the protest was growing right up until when fracking was banned. Rumour had it that Cuadrilla wasn't that upset about the eventual ban as by then they had realised that the potential of the site was nothing like they had hoped for. Fracking would just be a distraction that would achieve nothing in the next 5yrs, if ever, and delay work on more practical solutions.
  10. With thinking you could probably get a few quid from big oil yourself. Why does it matter where the damage was caused, do you think CO2 respects borders. NB Based on past emissions we would be responsible for around 4-5% of the global bill.
  11. LOL If that's true there must be a huge pot of cash somewhere, sufficient to pay for all the damage caused to date by climate change and putting all of the emitted C02 back in the ground. If gas does go up three or four times, at least that should encourage people to properly insulate their houses and stop blathering on about how difficult it is or not wanting to cover up bricks. In the interim they could halve their bills by buying a jumper and turning down their thermostat from 24 to 18C.
  12. If the shortage lasts long enough it would all even up but the aim of having storage is to see you through until prices fall. What's different this time is that Putin has engineered the shortage trying to force the Germany to accept Gazprom having control of the gas distribution network. Who wins might come down to whether or not this is a mild winter.
  13. We have very little gas storage capacity around 4% of annual requirement, compared to around 50% in most other countries.
  14. He is a long time Big Oil schill. He spent years denying climate change was real and when that became untenable made a tactical switch to lobbying for Nuclear funded by stopping investment in renewables. His claims about the cost of wind power are based on a selective analysis of the operating costs of turbines installed back in 2010 and ignores that these are now completely obsolete. About as convincing as saying Tesla's cannot exist because I have analysed the range/performance of a 2010 electric car and it is rubbish.
  15. I wasn't that extravagant we were drinking thirds of a pint. That's all they would sell, as they only had one small keg and it was going fast.
  16. Art & Craft bar on Surrey St. Beers generally range from £6-£9, this was quite special an 11% Imperial Stout aged in old rum barrels. After my wife tasted it I had to get another one for her. If you just want a cheap pint Wetherspoon is only 200m away and has one at £1.69.
  17. And how many out of 20m would be expected to have problems anyway.
  18. Just had a look deaths per million. Sweden 1,448 Finland 189 Norway 154 That's why no one talks about Sweden, they f***ed up case closed.
  19. What does Sweden v Finland and Norway currently look like?
  20. I was out in Munich last week, first work trip in over 18 months and a chance to catch up with a daughter who is studying out there. It's pretty easy to see why Germany continues to do rather better than us. The use of their vaccine passport is pretty much universal, almost every place you enter will scan the QR code. Most of the time but not always the scanner accepted my NHS QR code, when that happened it was just a quick visual check to see that the NHS app showed my vaccination status. In addition on public transport/taxis mask wearing is universal and almost all use FFP2 masks (FFP2 was mandatory until a week or so ago). Apart from that everything is similar to the UK, bars/restaurants all open and busy.
  21. What are peoples thoughts about staking ETH for ETH 2.0 Is there any possibility that 2.0 will never get launched and you have waved goodbye to your stake.
  22. I can understand the French being upset at having a contract "stolen" off them by the US but why would Remainers be upset?
  23. £30 pint of beer on sale in our local craft beer bar (in Croydon not Mayfair) last week. To be fair it was very very good beer (I had a third).
  24. Isn't moving from one to two legal measurement systems just adding red tape for the sake of it. Still as Brexit must already be our largest ever generator of red tape, i dare say this makes little difference.
  25. There is more than enough existing pipeline capacity, Nordstream2 won't supply a single extra BTU of gas to Europe. It is there to enable Russia to bypass the Ukraine.
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