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  1. For a start you realise that range/charging anxiety is mainly something non EV owners worry about and that 95% of your charging is done from home. The article didn't provide details of the assumptions that were underpinning the cost calculations. Within a few years EVs will be cheaper to buy than ICE's and far cheaper to run. Take a long term view and transitioning will be cheaper than trying to continue with the status quo. I think it is inevitable that the shortfall will be made up by road/congestion charging and, because the transition to EVs will happen far faster than most people are expecting, it will be implemented sooner rather later. Of course it will be in addition to fuel duty not a replacement for it.
  2. Huge but I doubt correct, the article seems to be written by someone with no experience of running an EV. The quoted cost is probably just more FUD based on installing millions of expensive high speed public chargers. The reality is that EV owners rarely use them, preferring the far cheaper option of filling up overnight at home. For most people all they need is overnight access to a 13Amp plug. There is more than enough green electricity to power all the EV's in use. If I decide to charge my car at a time when there is a lack of renewable power that will be balanced out when green power is displacing gas. the electricity price is still dictated by the gas price and at current levels the renewable providers are making huge profits. This is a good thing as it will speed the transition away from expensive fossil fuels. They won't be getting cheap energy from fossil fuels next year will they? Even our almost untaxed gas/electricity will soon be too expensive for many. The choice is should we properly insulate houses or get used to paying double or triple the current bills. Either way it is going to cost the government a fortune in subsidies. NB modern insulated houses are not sealed boxes they actually have far more ventilation. There is no profit, the costs for the harm done by air pollution are real latest government estimate is £22bn a year State of the environment: health, people and the environment - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)
  3. Don't worry it's not going to happen. it's just a convenient dead cat for Boris to throw onto the table.
  4. Not going to happen, it's just a handy dead cat for Boris to throw onto the table.
  5. Why do you bother posting on a subject you clearly know nothing about? All you are doing is parroting the FUD that the fossil fuel industry spends hundreds of millions a year on lobbyists to promote. NB Old people freezing was a bit of Exxon's recent FUD when they tried to blame California's power outages on renewables. If you actually cared about old people keeping warm you would be lobbying for better insulation not defending the ongoing use of fossil fuels.
  6. How do you know? Tesla now use 100% renewables for their supercharger network, I wouldn't be surprised if this was the same for other charging networks. Fossil fuels are subsidised, the "taxes "raised are nowhere near enough to cover their environmental/health costs. According to the IMF global fossil fuel subsidies are running at $11m a minute. The question is, why aren't they all like that. My wife has around five different charging apps/accounts.
  7. But you will presumably want to close your position at some point and with Musk selling, the Berlin delay, SEC investigation and a couple of whistle blowers (and rumours about the China plant unable to ramp up because of chip shortages). Now is probably a good time.
  8. Probably but as this will be post vaccination, the hospitalisation/death rate will be a very small fraction of what it was in countries that let Covid run through their population before the vaccines were available.
  9. Nothing to do with the OP's concern about a recession causing mass default. That clearly hasn't happened, in fact Covid plus the chip shortage has had the opposite effect. But looking forward there is a crunch coming. Once we reach a tipping point there will be a collapse in ICE sales (caused by both the move to EV's and people holding off buying a new car for a couple of years) and many legacy manufacturers will quickly go bankrupt. For the UK it is hard to see volume car manufacturing surviving as we won't have the critical mass required to maintain an EV supply chain. It would have been very different if Tesla had located their European plants, design centre and HQ in the UK (as was originally planned).
  10. As we are happy to look after every other sort of self inflicted risks yes. Unless we change our whole approach to healthcare provision. In the US many health insurance companies are now refusing to pay for Covid treatment for unvaccinated policy holders. Given the potential costs (for most hospitalisation would mean re-mortgaging the house or bankruptcy), that's a pretty strong incentive to get vaccinated.
  11. Clearly not as the system will look after them just as well as the non "moron" patients. The patients that are losing out are those with cancelled operations or diagnostic tests because of a lack of beds/staff.
  12. No need it is already here. Shutting borders while allowing rapid local transmission is completely pointless. The government will be aware of this but they have to be seen to be doing something and restricting travel from Africa is a low cost option.
  13. Peter should close his short ASAP, with Musk half way through selling $20bn worth of shares, an SEC investigation and a couple of whistle-blowers making claims he won't get a better chance. I bought the dip at $972 today, good result as my order was at $1,000.
  14. Surely, the main cost is the gap between the price cap and what the new company will have to pay for the energy until the price cap is raised in April. I am going onto the price cap this month and the rise is less than half what it would be if I took out a new fix.
  15. I did post around a month ago that in my wife's trust was over 75% of the Covid patients were unvaccinated. So pretty much the same I would imagine. What is the point you are trying to make? NB I spent a few days on a work trip to in Sofia last month. It was a pretty good demonstration of the impact of vaccines with deaths running at around 200 a day and most people unable to access good quality care as the only hospitals with free beds were the private ones.
  16. Doctors and nurses vent anger as unvaccinated Covid cases delay vital operations The NHS has a backlog of 5.8 million waiting for surgery and specialists are increasingly frustrated at how the unvaccinated have left them unable to tackle it
  17. Not so. As with most other products they would just insure the risk and add the premium plus a mark up onto the price of the vaccine. Governments choose to self insure to reduce the overall cost of the vaccine roll out. They don't have immunity, if they breach the terms of the sales agreement by giving incomplete or false date to regulators they are liable.
  18. The conclusion of the studies was that anything was better than nothing when it came to reducing the risk to others. Why do you feel the need for all the uniformed theorising.
  19. I am pretty sure that if you go back you will see similar "the institutions are coming" posts just before each peak. The fact is so far that as a group they haven't. If they really do arrive in force things will look very different very quickly as their herd instinct takes hold.
  20. Of course not. In summary they found: just about any mask clean or not protects others by reducing the amount of viral particles in the air. if you want to greatly protect yourself wear an FFP2/N95 mask, about 75p on Amazon.
  21. After just over a year of being on this thread, and the benefit of hindsight, the only piece of bankable trading information I have identified is that once people start posting "the institutions are coming" it's time to sell the peak and buy the rapidly approaching dip. Everything else seems to be just noise or VI ramping
  22. The i3 showed real potential but for whatever reason wasn't developed. I suspect back then the petrolheads still ruled and starved it of development funds and their new all electric models make me think this is still the case, why would you stick a huge radiator grill on an EV? The specification of their latest iX EV seems pretty underwhelming what lunatic would pay £75k for a 257m (170 on the motorway) range car from a manufacturer with no charging network? BMW iX electric car : Models, Equipment, Range & Prices
  23. It's clearly a real and serious problem but with FSD updates now coming almost weekly it's likely that this issue will soon be resolved. Once it is all the cars using this software will be updated overnight to eliminate the problem.
  24. The whole housing market is underpinned by government interference, take that away and most tenants would be able to afford to buy/rent decent housing.
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