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  1. How did you infer that? At my wife's trust 80% of the patients on ventilators decided to pass on getting the vaccine.
  2. 80% reduction in the chance of hospitalisation 90% reduction in the chance of dying Sounds pretty good to me. You believe the Russian figures? Even the Russian's regard them as a joke, in the early days they were denying anyone was dying when the hospitals were full with queues of ambulances outside full of the overflow patients. ‘You Can’t Trust Anyone’: Russia’s Hidden Covid Toll Is an Open Secret - The New York Times (nytimes.com)
  3. My reality is doing fine, Brexit has turned out pretty much as I expected/predicted from the start. However I agree there is no going back. Oddly it is Leavers that now seem obsessed with the EU.
  4. LOL I take it you get your information from dedicated reading of the Daily Express. Reality is somewhat different. NB Today's Daily Mail published their own poll of how popular Brexit is. Embarrassingly only 36% would vote to leave if their was another vote tomorrow. The poll was buried a long way down in their website and now seems to have disappeared.
  5. Agreeing a liability waiver is pretty standard practice for vaccines. Governments have a choice of accepting the risk or leaving it with the manufacturer. If they choose the latter the manufacturer just increases the price to cover the cost of passing the risk onto an insurer plus a mark up. As in many other areas the government chooses to self insure to save money.
  6. I sold most of my Tesla shares when they reached $660 as I thought that price already had Tesla becoming the No 1 car manufacturer baked in and that going up rom there was a bet on FSD becoming a reality. I reckoned this was a very long shot but the latest release is making me think they might actually get there. In the video below, at times the car is driving as if operated by a human used to driving in the area. Still some way to go but the AI is for the first time showing signs of intelligence reacting to its surroundings and where sensible bending the rules the same way a human driver would. If they do pull it off the sky's the limit for the shares.
  7. I didn't realise that. So we now have a parallel supply of paper Bitcoin?
  8. Is anyone debating that? Pensions are deferred pay, the liabilities are accrued day by day throughout an employees career. It was the governments choice to pay pensions out of current spending rather than set money aside. Saying a liability that is predicted to peak at below 2% of GDP is unaffordable is clearly untrue. NB The median public sector pension is around £8,000
  9. You do but there are also factors that are likely to decrease the liabilities. The rise in life expectancy since 2010 has been less than was expected/planned for and even before Covid knocked it back appeared to be petering out. We may be coming out of the ZIRP that and a bit of inflation will soon make the figures look better, as investment returns rise and CPI linking devalues pensions already in payment.
  10. Just DM nonsense, same story is dragged up ever few years. Projected payments are estimated to reach a peak of 1.9 per cent of GDP between 2018-19 and 2033-34 then fall to 1.7 per cent by 2059-60. This compares with a rise from around 1.5 per cent to 1.7 per cent over the last decade. The cost of public service pensions - National Audit Office (NAO) Report As for unfair that sounds a bit whiney, it's just part of the pay for the job. If it was such a great deal why didn't you get a public sector job. I went the other way because the pay, even allowing for the pension was so shit. 15 years later now earning 3 times what I would have if I had stayed in the civil service.
  11. The move to Biofuels is at best pointless and probably harmful. It was driven by a combination of lobbying from big oil (part of their distraction/delay tactics) and farmers lobbying for Biofuel subsidies.
  12. I have had a Tesla Model S for 3 yrs now and have had to queue once for about 10mins. Mind you I have never used a non Tesla charger, you would have to be a real tightwad to want to queue up and go through the faff of using one for a few quids worth of free electricity. If you like most people rarely travel more than 200 miles in a day any modern EV should be fine, no need for a hybrid and if you regularly travel long distances get a Tesla. A hybrid is pretty pointless as after 30m you are back to driving a petrol car, one that is less efficient than the equivalent standard model. I would give the ID4 a miss. My wife swapped her Model 3 for an ID3 earlier this year as the Tesla was a bit quick for my daughter who was learning to drive, and she wanted a hatchback. Although she only occasionally drives long distances, every long journey involved lots of hassle with charger queues, broken chargers and rip of pricing. She ordered a Model Y as soon as they were available on the website. Fortunately she bought the ID3 when VW was hugely discounting them so will probably get back what she paid for it when it is sold at around 1yr old.
  13. On the downside all those Tesla orders won't be doing much for Peter's end of October Tesla short.
  14. Myocarditis is most commonly caused by viral infections. You not being aware of that does seem rather odd given your interest in the subject. Maybe you need to broaden your research base.
  15. It can be as long as you have a diverse supply. The just commissioned Norway interconnector will supply the equivalent of a new Nuclear plant at far lower cost. We could have also had a 4GW of interconnectors with Iceland, unfortunately those projects were stillborn as gas prices were so low. Looking on the bright side if gas prices stay at these level it will reduce consumption and greatly speed the move to net zero.
  16. The article did say that renewables saved the EU 33bn Euro between June and September. I wonder how high gas prices would have gone without that alternative supply.
  17. It was discussed at the time on the Covid thread. My wife was resource planning for her Trust and was unable to use the private health capacity given to her as it was impossible to staff both a health service running flat out and the private facilities. If the government had asked they would have ben told this but the contracts were centrally negotiated and presented to the trusts as a fait accompli.
  18. If that's the case doubling the price of gas/electricity will quickly resolve the supply issue and prices will soon be back to near normal.
  19. A new 1.4GW connector with Norway came on line today and is currently delivering 700MW. There was a planned 4GW interconnector to Iceland that could have supplied 24hr Geothermal electricity but it was never progressed as gas prices were so low. That would have been very handy right now.
  20. Ah, so we can assume the bucket shown being filled up was an approved bucket? Where would the probably 50k security staff needed come from.
  21. Hmm, I'm not sure that this and the low IQ behaviour going on would combine well Put £10 in the car and the rest in this bin liner.
  22. Maybe a better solution would be a substantial temporary increase in the price of fuel. Say 50p a litre dropping by 10p a week until back to normal. That should help get fuel to those who really need it.
  23. That was certainly Cumming's view. He was open about there being no single vision of Brexit that could have gained majority support. Having an all things to all men Brexit was vital to the Leave campaign, enabling them to game our democratic process.
  24. Estimating how many people would you have been expected to die within 28 days of receiving the vaccine, would be a pretty basic calculation for the actuarial profession. This will have been done as part of assessing the safety of each vaccine pre and post approval by both the manufacturers and national regulators. Do you think there is a large discrepancy between the expected and actual numbers that is being covered up as part of a global conspiracy to roll out ineffective/dangerous vaccines.
  25. That was me, but I think the newly released Geometry EX3 at $9,200 would be a more reassuring drive once you hit the M25.
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