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  1. Can we assume that despite all your waffling on you have never bothered to read the TCA? Trade and Cooperation Agreement between UK and EU – CP 426 (publishing.service.gov.uk) If you had read it you would seen the various references to anti dumping measures and that it incorporates the GATT 1994 anti dumping agreement. To spare us your speculation about what constitutes dumping WTO | Appellate Body Repertory of Reports and Awards 1995-2013 - Anti-Dumping Agreement Only if you believe trade is a pointless zero sum game, rather than one which needs rules to ensure a win win outcome.
  2. Sorry to disappoint you but trade deals are about managing and limiting the impact of market forces. At scale yes, it's in the agreement we signed.
  3. Letting products in at prices that undercut and distupt your domestic market is considered dumping.
  4. I have no idea what you are talking about Not when you have already signed agreements that prevent this (Almost all trade deal contain such anti dumping clauses). How many times do we have to go round this circle before that simple fact sinks in.
  5. No, but the US policy of locking up more far people than any other comparable country has achieved nothing. It would be a good idea to look at more successful countries to see how they deal with the problem rather than doubling down on a failed policy.
  6. We can ignore the majority of your post because it is just a strawman of your own making. Re the above, we levy a tariff on NZ but not ROI cheese because we have a non tariff deal with the EU that contains anti dumping clauses. These prevent us from flooding the UK markets with cheap imports leading to diversion of UK products into the single market. The idea that outside of the EU we would be free to agree whatever we wanted with in trade deals with other countries was just another lie promoted by the Leave campaign to get people to vote against their own best interests.
  7. What does it achieve though? No one gets into a car thinking I am going to kill someone and will go to jail.
  8. You forgot to tell us how proud you were of your boys murdering civilians. Come on don't be shy tell us why you are proud of your incompetent murderous hordes. For the rest of us who not on the Kremlin payroll here is a more upbeat video
  9. Do you think we should actively set out bankrupt British farmers. Our farmers cannot compete on price with those countries and if we flood our market with foreign food then the EU will close its markets to UK food. The ability or the EU or UK to react to attempts to undercut the European market is part of Boris's oven ready EU deal.
  10. If you are spending everything you earn it makes no difference how fiaty the currency is, who cares what it will be worth tomorrow.
  11. Give it a year or two and it will be clear that, because of being inside the single market, NI is doing far better than the rest of the UK. That's why they have to derail it.
  12. Turkey is close to bankrupt, i am pretty sure that translates as "it will cost you". I would guess getting a chunk of that $40bn for more Turkish weapons would help oil the wheels.
  13. My response directly addressed your point. Now answer mine does the sight of your boys shooting civilians in the back make you proud.
  14. No worries, the well trained well equipped Finns will have routed the Russian rabble long before we can get there. This is more their level Does it make you proud?
  15. It's a bit more complex than that, MS would be gone long before BC reached $3k. This article doesn't answer its own question but has some good background Is MicroStrategy Stock Doomed After Bitcoin’s Crash? If BC continues to tank I might sell up the coins held in my wife's name and invest the cash in MS (ISAs). Providing all the price premium has gone, ideally buying BC at a discount. Re Coinbase I never understood why its valuation was so high and don't know what a fair price would be today, so won't be buying.
  16. Are you sure? Bloomberg said earlier today that he was already underwater, BC was at $30,100 when the claim was made. Down over 25% today, I am guessing that the premium over its BC holding has completely evaporated. If you believe BC will recover buying MS might be a sensible way back in.
  17. Does he know that revoking article 16 doesn't actually do anything apart from put us into a period of intense talks to agree on changes, pretty much what has been going on for the last six months. This has just popped up so maybe its just more smoke to distract from reality Brexit Explains 80% of U.K. Inflation, Former BOE Official Says Adam Posen says he’d back a half-point rate hike in May Economist says there’s no chance of a U.S.-U.K. trade deal
  18. The Gulf was a long time ago and the technology must now be far more mature. Unfortunately it looks like that over the coming months we will get to see how well the Russians cope with large numbers of drones etc.
  19. You can find the figures, for Teslas at least in the Tesla 2021 Impact Report this contains all the information needed to debunk all of the claims still being made by the fossil fuel lobby. Relevant points include Breakeven for total emissions is now 6,500m for model 3 and Y. (I am guessing the new battery tech and production processes will get this below zero next year) Lifetime CO2 emissions based on current global grid energy mix ICE 70 tons Tesla 30 tons (this doesn't take account of continuing greening of grids and unlike the ICE figures uses real world data, so will be a significant overestimate) Batteries far outlive the average lifetime of a car (1m mile expected from current batteries) All batteries are being 100% recycled (already achieving 92% recovery) LFP batteries require no Cobalt or Nickel. No doubt the paid fossil fuel lobbyists will keep on producing their FUD and some will believe them but the tipping point is now here
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