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  1. It's a crazy price though isn't it? I think it's Patsy Palmer's.... RIIIICKY!!
  2. They are asking prices. Only pay attention to what they sell for. Recently an agent asked if I'd like to view a particular (£1M+) house which was out of my budget. On telling them it was too much they said an offer with a "9" would get it! Not long on market either... Presumably when you sold early this year you bagged a bargain though? Following your logic it too would now cost more, non?
  3. So Hove is in the top burglary hot spots of UK! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8200173.stm Remember back to January when Rightmove claimed BN3 was the most "searched"! High demand on all sides
  4. I live in Brighton and love it, and wouldn't find a single person in my circle who would want to live elsewhere. I must say I find it funny that Brightonians are here listing reasons not to live in Brighton! What stops YOU moving to Chichester? Which is worse, avoiding Londoners round Hove or avoiding geriatric scooters in Chichester?! CHIN UP PEOPLE!
  5. As much as I'd like to put it's a cage for hawks (http://www.answers.com/topic/mew) I think you're after this: http://www.answers.com/topic/mortgage-equity-withdrawal
  6. Good waste of a year *****worth.. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...y-19540421.html Fri Apr 17 13:23:08 2009 * Status changed: from 'Available' to 'Not Listed' Wed Apr 2 22:12:28 2008 * Price changed: from '£1,050,000' to '£950,000' Fri Feb 15 14:09:18 2008 * Initial entry found.
  7. Thanks but they're not the two. They were next door to each other and def 100k apart, 799 and 899 i think. Silly money so I'm intrigued to see if they've sold
  8. Anyone know what's happened to the 2 large houses on Pembroke Crescent that were on with Mish Mackay last month? They were £800k and £900k, now not a trace. Wanted to watch with glee as they sat on Rightmove but they're not even listed..
  9. I too concur on the fact no prices are dropping. My last two viewings were on houses with chains that broke! Both on at same money despite "selling" before Christmas. Thinking of taking a break from viewings soon until reality hits them. My main question for posting is this, if a house is on multiple agents books and one agent sells it, should they not all agree it's off the market? I rang one agent regarding a house, was told it had gone. Rang a rival with the same house and they knew nothing of it. I assume they're ALL holding out for a mug with a higher offer, is this the case?
  10. Hey, I'm sure North Laines aren't exempt from the delusional, go in with low offers is my advice. EA's are still putting on a positive front but once you scratch the surface it's evident the market's dire. Find a few places on the Rightmove type websites and check your picks on propertysnake as it'll tell you how long on market / how reduced they are.
  11. Not lively enough for me, that's all
  12. I couldn't do it! May as well move to Hastings!!! Seriously though, prices don't drop until you get past Portslade, the "new church rd" area is vastly overpriced at the moment, £800k for a 4bed semi - need I say more?
  13. Hi All, First post so be gentle.. Am living in Hove but looking to buy, am keeping my flat but have a deposit saved and mortgage agreed. Looking in the region of £500k - £800k, a large range as a bargain would be nice! Have been looking at all the posts, makes good reading and I agree with the frustrations of dealing with deluded EA's and Vendors. Did a bit of detective work on this quote from Mishon Mackay posted by tigsrenting on Feb 2 2009, it is from Latest Homes, well, at least we all thought it was! Check this out... Do a google search on the above and you hit this: Source: http://www.samuelwood.co.uk/index.php?page=press 1694 Anthony Wood of Samuel Wood & Co reflects on the latest interest rate news and comments on the great opportunities offered in the current property market. Interest rates have now been cut to 1.5 per cent. The last time they were as low as this was 1694 when the Bank of England was established to manage mounting debts. Nothing changes. In England at that time William III was on the throne, it was the beginning of the William and Mary period. Peter the Great was the Russian Czar. Handel and Bach were young music prodigies, and Isaac Newton was greatly influencing scientific thought. Following the Pilgrim Fathers, British and Dutch settlers were continuing to colonise North America, where two years before 19 women were hung in the Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts. If history repeats itself it could be 2324 before interest rates are as low again. This rather suggests that now is as good a time as any to take advantage of these rates and enter the property market. With prices back to 2003 levels - when there was huge activity in the market - this makes even more sense. When prices are high the media delight in charting the plight of key public sector workers in nursing, the police, the fire brigade and other essential services who are unable to climb on the housing ladder close to their work. Well, now is the chance to end that. Sadly many people are being placed into negative equity by the price downturn - with all the attendant problems this brings. But for the many hundreds of thousands of people waiting for the opportunity to move out of rented property or their parents homes this could be the perfect moment. Yet a large hurdle remains, securing a mortgage. Mortgages are available, but deposit demands from the lenders remain high. Wouldn't it be sensible for the government and the lenders to recognise the opportunity this price correction brings, and to start helping first time buyers now through easing mortgage demands or a Stamp Duty moratorium, or preferably both. This would create the best opportunity to kick-start the housing market and, through the knock-on effect, a significant portion of the service and retail economy. Date: 8/01/2009 Thoughts??
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