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  1. Pubs i've seen closed are being torn down and turned into flats. Shops that are closing are the ones that just can't compete with the likes of Primark who have lower overheads, and provide 'value'.
  2. I live in the area and you are right - they are building on every bit of land they can find. The locals aren't happy either as they are building all these new homes, but not improving the infrastructure to handle them. Roads are the same, schools are oversubscribed as it is - even the water mains are under-pressure (though not as bad as it used to be now that there is a hosepipe ban). Local schools are selling off land to build flats on, and a local pub (The Duke on Ricky road) has been sold off to build flats on too. Several brownfield sites nearby are earmarked for housing - with no end
  3. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ft/20060612/bs_ft/...220061742022646
  4. Wasn't the express the paper that was always predicing a crash?
  5. http://www.jeacle.ie/mortgage/uk/ Gives a nice graphical representation of payments, plus how overpayments affect the final outcome.
  6. Read it and weep: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/4075490.stm
  7. Not yet - you can bet your **** that if electric vehicles were more popular (and more available - that's another conspiracy), they would find a way to tax your road miles. Why do you think they are looking at taxing you by the mile instead of taxing the fuel?
  8. If you put vegetable oil in your car, it is subject to Road Fuel Tax. If your car could run on tap water, it too would be subject to this tax (about 50p per litre or so). Fuel prices aren't on fossil fuels - they are for any fuel which drives a road vehicle.
  9. Gotta love the google ads on that site - all for credit cards! :-)
  10. You can get Canon cartridges for a quid at poundland. They work fine.
  11. I wonder how long that will last. Surely if more people get water meters, their revenue will go down, and the price of water will have to go up to compensate. Meters are a big rip off in the long run IMHO. Anyhow, I enjoy waterling my lawn every evening in the summer
  12. There is a talkback if you want to post your view there: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml...xportaltop.html
  13. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/main.jh...8/ixportal.html How Labour abuses the middle classes You should be rich or poor under this Government - otherwise you're stuffed. The past week has shown just how far ministers are prepared to go to help the two extremes. If you are living on benefits, smoke, drink, have out-of-control children and like shoplifting on the side, then the Government can help. It will provide you with a personal trainer, a supernanny to sort out your domestic problems, extensive family tax credits and will turn a blind eye to anything small you might like to nick fr
  14. Haha - yes.. well, if we were retired, we could probably do with just the one car, and get rid of sky for freeview (it is mainly for the kids who like Discovery, and some of the cartoon channels). Broadband is a necessity - couldn't live without it.
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