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  1. It is you who have no clue, especially about the "working poor." What a condescending cu*t, typical of this site. If you live in the Norwich area, I'd happliy meet you and help straighten out your world view.
  2. Could be that. It could also be that when you are skint, shagging is a low cost way to spend your time. A lot of people who are poor aren't too good with forward planning either, I guess, hence more kids. Even when there was no benefit system to speak of, poorer classes still had large families. Going way back, a lot of that was to do with sending kids out to work and/or the fact that some of the kids would die young. Another factor is that poorer people might often have kids younger in life -- no, not just to "get a free council house" (although there are a few filth-hounds who think like
  3. If people who define themselves as 'middle class' can't afford children, this is because they don't place a high enough priority on having kids, nothing to do with people on benefits. Or they want to have kids, but have to send little Tarquin to private school etc -- not being able to afford that aint the same as not being able to afford kids. It's the same thinking that gets people on here moaning that they are 'poor' when they are earning £30k a year. Awwwww. What these people should say is "I can't afford kids if it means making any kind of sacrifice." It's not just the benefit underclas
  4. So cheaper rents for all -- is this why social housing rents for new tenants is going up? Something the government really does have control over, they are putting the price up. No doubt this will be defended to death by "The Tory's will save us all" fan-boys on here. Note: I'm not a supporter of Labour either. Oh yes, and "you can't cap rent, because price fixing leads to shortgages" -- unless you build enough houses of course, because, last time I checked, a house doesn't get consumed like a loaf of bread. There's going to be various soundbites that can be translated as the poor (general
  5. I am off to bed, so I'd have to carry the chat on another time. Goodnight gents.
  6. I don't care about Labout/Tory, I can't stand any of them. Did the last Labour government* invent the dole or "long term unemployed"? No. And if someone chooses, they can get JSA for doing nothing. Most will look for work and hopefully find some eventually, but those who don't want to wont. And you can;t stop that unless you punish legit claimants too, because it's impossible to prove that someone isn't trying. If you've been on the dole or any benefits, then you'll know this. and if you haven't, then you prob wont have a clue. *as in, the one who came in 13 years ago.
  7. Well obviously, because I did it. Though of course, I'd rather get paid more for it, but it was a crap job and that's the going rate for crap jobs. If there's a job there that needs doing, employ someone to do it and pay them the going rate.
  8. What the f**ck are you on about? You can get JSA for doing nothing -- any attempt to make people work for it, especially "long-term unemployed" will result in most people doing what they can to circumvent this. If you want a job done, pay a wage for it. If it's min wage work, then pay that. If you're gonna be a smart-**** then don't bother trying to discuss this with me, it's a waste of both our time.
  9. And the best part is, it's only Christmas temp stuff, so virtually no chance of a job at the end of it even if they worked their nuts off! The name they used wasn't new deal either, I just can't remember the abbreviation -- began with an 'N' though, I think.
  10. £3 an hour for soul destroying work. or 50-60 quid for doing nothing -- I know what I'd wanna be doing in their shoes.
  11. I did it for an agency, I wanted the money so did the work at the time. The year before, they got some lads in on a new deal placement. They didn't get paid for it, they got their dole (this is what I understand from the people I was working with at this place). So we were paying god knows who for some lads to do some meaningless work for a business. And please don't try and tell me that kinda of work has meaning, it has none unless you get some dough for it. Anyway, those lads did a shitty job, did the minimum, phoned in sick -- and I don't blame them one bit, coz I certainly wouldn't do it
  12. g) what's the minimum I can get away with to keep the dole money and get out of doing this shite. That's what I'd think anyway, but I'm not on the dole right now. Same as the lads on the new deal who get work placements, they do a shit job for a couple of weeks (whatever the minimum is) then ring in sick for the rest. No skills to be learnt tying tags on to over-priced Christmas decs for some poncey shop (a job I was doing via an agency, hence I learnt about the New Deal chaps doing the same job for sod all). Work should pay or shouldn't exist, unless it's voluntary.
  13. What some don't seem to grasp is that people who want to not work and live a life on benefits will find a way to do so, whatever changes to rules you make -- unless you make changes that actually punish legit claimants too. This isn't anything new, it's not a Labour or Tory policy -- remember, the Tories started the big shift to being "on the sick." If there are benefits, there are benefit fiddles and they will never be stopped. As much as ardent right-wingers would like benefits abolished, that isn;t going to happen, we all know that. It's a vote loser, because too many people need them now
  14. Build enough housing, then there is no lottery. That is the idea. There is surely enough land to house people on? If there isn't then we may have our priorities wrong somewhere. As for the money, as I said, if there was the will then it would be found. They will find money to replace Trident as an example. Governments will always find money for the things they really want to do. IMO, a massive social-housing building program would be a fantastic investment for the majority of society (ie, the low wage earners).
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