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  1. Is that an old Fiesta parked outside that 200k+ 2 bed box? It can't be the house owners car obviously with the price of that house. It must be a poor relative.. Why is it that on all these streets with ridiculously high priced houses, not many can afford the cars to match?
  2. Oh well, thats another crock of @!** I can't afford on my above average wage. Actually, I might knock on next door and offer them 180k and watch them faint. The '1' needs to come off the front..
  3. I hear Nantwich is ok, never been though.
  4. The town center is run down in Northwich & the council seem intent on destroying it further if they accept plans for two waste plants and an incinerator (Labour had plans to build 160 incinerators in the UK) in and around Wincham. Sandbach seems like a decent area with good schools but is quite far out for commuting. I've never been to Winsford but house prices are very cheap in comparison with nearby areas which probably says something.
  5. Hi, I've read this thread a few times berfore and I wish to thank everyone for their input. It doesn't just help me, It helps alot of other people when looking into areas to live with a commute into Manchester. I'd just like to respond to Godley. I apologise if I came across as 'lardy darr', this was not my intention at all. I was just stating a few well know points about certain areas to get the ball rolling. I'm well aware that I cannot afford anything decent in Knutsford unlike you obviously from your offhand replies. I'm personally still looking round atm and have found a few places of interest such as Disley, High Lane Stockport, Marple, Macclesfield, Buxton, High Peak areas, Northwich, Cuddlinton, Frodsham & a few others. I know 150-200k is not alot of money these days in the world of buying houses but I hope I can find something decent in the comming months. All the best to everyone looking!
  6. The money is there isn't it? Or did I dream the last 5 months or so?
  7. Lots of MEW money to waste while we need all their mew dosh to put down a deposit. The joy.. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1233664/Santas-cul-sac-Families-splash-3-000-90-000-lights-make-Christmas-spectacular.html
  8. But then, most of the population aren't in a position to buy now therefore the comming majority are mugs.
  9. Hope you bottom wasn't to sore when you woke up.
  10. I don't get it, Gordon Brown is doing everything to keep housing at an artificial high when he knows that the average house price is still well over the trend when it should of been left to decrease to somewhere that would not jepodise the future of the country again. He is devaluing our currency so anybody outside the UK can hop in and buy our houses for nearly half price yet we the working families of Britain can't even afford basic housing anymore. He is creating massive amounts of debt never seen before that our childrens children will be paying back We are going to have to pay this back through high interest rates and petrol prices and other taxes just to keep the bubble inflated so we can't afford property because greedy people with low IQ's borrowed too much money and managers with low IQ's in banks decided it would be a good idea to give silly multiples wages. This is all based on average wages of something stupid like 35k a year that vast numbers of the population arn't earning anywhere near.. What is going on in this country? Have I not had enough fluoride or am I missing something? When is the revolution?
  11. Didsbury & Chorlton being the two rather pricey areas between Wythenshawe and Moss Side. I know theres always going to be a bad area next to a good areas but with family in mind I'd rather pick somewhere else with having these areas as neighbours ie Stockton Heath. Bramhall is a decent area I agree, but I was looking a bit further out and into Cheshire as you seem to get a bit more for your money with a bit of piece of mind that you arn't living next to one of the worst drug and gun crime areas in the UK. Frodsham seems decent from first impressions but the concern: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/pounds-3...ak-1149866.html I mentioned Sandbach/Congleton/Northwich as they 'seem' decent enough areas with limited knowledge & a reasonable commute into Manchester.
  12. If you were relocating to Cheshire with commute to Manchester, where would you live? Something like Frodsham (chemical water), Northwich (Town center rundown) Winsford (nothing there) Sandbach (chavs overflow from chav capital Crewe?) Congleton? Chester? Knutsford (too expensive) Runcorn? South Manchester? (Guns) Any suggestions? Or would you just move to Shopshire and catch the train?... Any hidden gems out there?
  13. Thats it, give the oap's a really nice retirement for the sake of generations of young people who cannot afford to buy a house or struggle under constant stress to just live above the bread line. Get real you idiot.
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