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  1. Yes there are rooms for that I don't agree with it But live and let live
  2. Maybe it's a prelude for a series of A repossession in the Sun
  3. Well they have done the austere IMF style budget One can only assume that was the price they promised to pay for a back door bail out from the E.U. Edit:spelling
  4. This whole thing exposes the pretence of our system A cosy old boys club Thats why they don't want to nationalize them
  5. Unfortunately the only deflation we are experiencing is in house prices Everything else is going up Unless you think putting gas prices up by 30% one year and reducing them by 10% the next is deflation
  6. Great Let us know when it all goes wrong It's far more interesting
  7. What is it that makes Belgium property so cheap Even Brussels is cheap
  8. IMF: No it won't OECD: Yes it will IMF: No it won't OECD: Yes it will Won't Will Won't Will Won't Won't Won't Will Will Will Won't Will Won't Will Won't Will Won't Will Won't Wil Won't Will Won't Will
  9. New Labour finished U.K. ruined Job done Time for another 18 years of Thatcherism
  10. Ok let me see what I've got in my diary for next week Armageddon Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Gosh it's looking like a busy week next week Not sure if I've got room for another apocolypse before Thursday at the earliest
  11. Everything this guy says is accurate He would never manipulate opinion for his own ends As soon as he knows anything You will be the first to hear about it Believe that if it comforts you........Now go back to your BBC Breakfast Fool
  12. Hmmm yeah ok...nasty but I like it You wily old fox
  13. True But not yet Wait until prices fall another 50%
  14. We haven't had a banker get a book deal yet I guess they are waiting for the economy to pick up It will be a fascinating read "How I pissed away the entire GDP of the U.K." Not available in the shops Other titles available from the same author: "Life after banking" "Sailing around the Caribbean" "How to spend a million quid a year"
  15. Everything this guy says is spin A manipulation of the markets for his own ends If he knew anything useful You can be sure you wouldn't hear about it until it was too late
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