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  1. Thats because our electoral system denies real democracy
  2. It's incredible to watch They are like some kind of crazed brainwashed cult Staring into the distance Obsessed by the preservation of their own reality
  3. I was watching a piece on CBS News He's not the only one is he?
  4. Really? Ignorance is bliss they say So enjoy it
  5. That's probably because of some of the comments made Anna did apologize for them
  6. Is it too late to STR?... I mean pretty soon the whole country will realize we are screwed Then nobody will want to buy
  7. Glad you mentioned this I watched it all I usually find him quite irritating But found myself agreeing with every word he said
  8. The situation as I understand it is this And please correct me if I am wrong The government can finance its debt from the sale of Gilts.As long as it continues to print money in order to buy its own Gilts After that we are screwed Meaning inflation up..interest rates up..unemployment up...a Sterling crisis Closely followed by a visit to the IMF
  9. Nothing But here's the latest estimate of how much they will cost us http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/busi...icle6144037.ece
  10. It wouldn't surprise me if they lost every single seat at the next election
  11. What like Bankers,Politicians and TV presenters?
  12. Only G7 countries singled out for scrutiny in this bar chart then? I'd like to see one that included the G20 And countries like Ireland
  13. I wouldn't waste a moment of my time listening to any of his drivel
  14. Do you want the truth? Or shall I humour you with platitudes? I'll do both... then you can choose scenario : 1) Chin up old chap...things will soon get better 2) 10 years
  15. Exactly right It doesn't matter Because it's an artificial crisis created from artificial money
  16. Seem to remember some awkward questions being raised in Congress
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