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  1. All pretty hush hush then Only you your Mrs All of us And the rest of the world who know about it
  2. Certainly shouldn't be any recruitment problems over there.It's just finding one with the right work ethic.Considering a similar project myself but bit of a minefield from all accounts.
  3. Dorset...A little cottage in the country with a view of the sea.Just for a couple of months of the year when it's not pissing down with rain. Then over to France on the late ferry in a DB7 and wing it down to St Tropez. I love that drive late at night.Not another soul on the road on a clear moonlit night. Stop on the way and see the sun come up over the vineyards with the Alps in the distance. Spend the summer sailing the Med and the winter skiing the Alps. Throw in some golf,female company and a nice bottle of wine. I might have to have an apartment in Amsterdam for the occasional r+r. Would that it were.
  4. Is that a bit like the P.M. saying he has every confidence in his Chancellor shortly before he gives him the boot.
  5. I don't regard The Apprentice Final as essential viewing More like excruciating tedium
  6. Very clever Isn't that what they call subliminal suggestion or something? You know like Derren Brown does
  7. No wonder things are in such a mess when they have to spend all their time memorizing political dogma so that they can go and repeat it to the media Imagine after years of that they must be utterly brainwashed Unable to think rationally unless they have been programmed with the party line
  8. I enjoyed that bit "I'm fed up with the G20 being hailed as some great triumph"
  9. Unless they do exactly as they are told In which case they will be allowed to carry on riding the gravy train
  10. There is only one proper thing to do and that's call a General Election
  11. I wouldn't mind some of the 5/4 UKIP to finish above Labour in the Euro elections Looks nailed on to me
  12. As I was saying...lol I think anyone with any sense would not want to be the leader of the "New" Labour Party It's got no chance Might as well let Gord carry on failing
  13. Sterling was over valued against the Dollar Then it was undervalued Now its correcting itself Longterm it usually bobs along somewhere between 1.50 and 1.70
  14. I was on the way to the supermarket earlier And I saw a big fat rat Blatantly scavenging in broad daylight He wasn't bothered about me As long as he got what he wanted
  15. I think anyone with any sense would not want to be the leader of the New
  16. Did I really You know I did Goodness me I'm a poet And I didn't know it
  17. The State i.e. the establishment i.e. Big business Has protected and provided for itself They aren't stupid
  18. I can imagine the scene over breakfast "Good morning P.M." "What's good about it?" "We have obtained the names and addresses of 10389 terrorists living in the U.K." "Excellent work!...Have them arrested immediately" "Right away P.M." "Oh ..and bring me another slice of that fruitcake would you"
  19. Yep... when the printing presses stop Interest rates rise and the repossessions will rocket Then the real HPC begins
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