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  1. I wonder what an HPC mortgage would look like? Probably require 2x earnings and a 50% deposit
  2. Lifetime tracker boe +2.5%?..... Sounds like a recipe for repossession to me
  3. Multiple governments within a country? That sounds to me like divide and rule in reverse,allowing people power and choice. That's the last thing governments and VI's want.It would really upset their gravy train. No, the NWO wants you divided and you ruled
  4. Darn it! Why did you have to go and spoil everything...I was just planning my early retirement income on the basis of his figures
  5. 12 quid a month from every household in the country! They're living the dream. I'd want to see the licence fee cut in half before they look like good value to me
  6. The pubs that are not boarded up are busy.... How's that for denial?
  7. But surely they won't just.. walk away.. for the summer...Get a second job.. because that's the right thing to do
  8. If it sounds and performs like a Ponzi scheme...then it's probably a Ponzi scheme
  9. Ring Ring Welcome to the nhs credit crunch stressline this is a recording.All of our councellors are busy right now.Please hold. Cue music...Things can only get better You are through to the nhs credit crunch stressline to enable us to deal with your call more effectively please choose one of the following options: For.. a little bit cheesed off...Press 1 For.. very pissed off and lost your job ...Press 2 For.. lost my job,no money ,the mrs has fecked off and I'm losing the house....Press 3 For ..General feeling of despair ..Press 4 If lines are busy call back later....but please do call
  10. And now the country is chomping at the bit to elect a couple of old Etonians....and they think that will make things better.......bahhhhhhhh
  11. Chav: "Yeah...and he was a clever geezer...right?.............Didn't he have a part in Eastenders or summink?"
  12. Even when they are told the truth they don't believe it. They only believe what fits into their dream scenario and cherry pick good news stories to fit their mistaken view. I know I do
  13. Yes......You should have seen a circular revolving multi coloured disc and the inscription........3 2 1.. You're under.
  14. How disappointing I thought for a moment it was going to be an embarrassing illness thread
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