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  1. Will the last person to leave the U.K. please turn out the light
  2. High ranking illuminati excuse Not for peasants Otherwise .....lock up,throw key
  3. I wonder what kind of a crooked deal they will cook up when the state owned banks come to be sold off in a few years time and who they will be sold to I can smell something rotten from here
  4. OMG..........If this happens it will truly be the end of civilization in the U.K. I'd rather have Brown.
  5. If anyone believes that the illuminati will allow cheap clean energy to replace oil they are living in cloud cuckoo land Personally I prefer Michio Kaku.
  6. 4 years ...If you buy before then you need your head read.
  7. You only have to watch Watchdog to realise that the Utilty monopolies have refined selfishness and greed into a fine art. Most of them are no longer owned by British companies and could not give a damn for their customers. We have been sold into slavery by our own corrupt government.
  8. The trouble is Cameron is not too clever either. And neither is his chancellor in waiting... Why do you think they had to bring Clarke back? There is no one in that whole place with the gumption to sort this lot out. We are all fcuked beyond belief. Every man for hinself.
  9. You know when your country is being fcuked over in front of your eyes. Isn't "someone" supposed to do something about it?
  10. I really shudder to think of the kind of mess that will be left behind when all of the quantitative easing and interest rate cuts work their way through the system. Take the next 10 years of your life and throw it in the bin because it won't be worth living.
  11. Maddog I have to say the morphed avatar you employ is strangely hypnotic......or is it the Chardonnnay? It is a particularly good one. You decide.
  12. I agree...everywhere you look..incompetant loud mouth twats. There was a generation of leaders that were born out of the aftermath of World war....that new the meaning of service ,country and honour...Now all you get is some smart **** money grabber in a suit with one thing in mind ...their own gratification.
  13. That's right ...full marks to Portillo for that. I notice Abbot was more tham willing to blame everyone though.
  14. Yep Yep Yep Yep,Yep,Yep Yep,Yep,Yep and Yep again Yep zero integrity
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