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  1. It is a bit harsh indeed. As if anyone would stoop so low as to clean for him
  2. I'll quote arnold swarchzenaga here (yeah I know but I cant be @rsed checking how its spelt) Allthough we know him today as governor of the most stupid state on planet earth, and possibly the worst actor ever He originally made fame as the most sucessfull body builder ever, and he said that breaks from training to recover are as equally as important as the training itself. This is more Guardian b ulls hit about foreign workers being so willing to work and the English dont want too Same as that shight about Polish workers doing the jobs English refuse to do......................... Where are these people who refuse to work? It is all a massive whitewash by the labour party to import cheap labour, and invent lies about English refuseing to work. Some of them polish birds are pretty filthy looking though
  3. Looks a fantastic location actually 100 grand a pop, tops though
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