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  1. The house we are renting was new in 2007. Landlord paid £190,000 for it. Nice little 3 bed detached. We are paying £570 rent per month. For that to cover the mortgage the house would need to be £93000!!!!!! Either we are paying really cheap rent or he massively overpaid on this house! Probably would be marketed aound the £180,000 mark looking at the current local market. (some very stubborn EA's/Sellers around here.) Cant ever imagine it dropping down to £93000! Maybe £130,000-140,0000 realistically.
  2. As much as I agree with the people who say interest rates will rise in the future causing house prices to fall further, I wonder what the government will do to put positive spin on it. Now they keep barking on about helping the people who have mortgages by keeping IR's low, so what will be there spin when rates have to rise? As always, whatever happens the government have to look positive, so what will it be?
  3. 2 local estate agents have relisted all their propeties in the last couple of days. Very frustrating when your trying to check on new properties added to rightmove (not many of them either). Only problem with relists is you lose the propertybee history.
  4. I used Housprices.co.uk and nethouseprices.com Februarys figure aren't complete yet. I update the chart as sales are registered. Seems to give a good indication of where things are going locally.
  5. Please go easy. Only my second post. After all the recent bullish talk of things improving I decided to check how many properties have been selling per month over the past 5 years in my local postcodes. From the results below, I dont think there's anything to worry about if you're waiting to buy. Even with the small increase in sstc's for these postcodes in the last couple of months, it's no where near the activity to match previous years. Thats even assuming the sstc's become completed sales. Panic over:)
  6. Worryingly several of the properties I've been monitoring have SSTC over the last month. I know time will tell if they actually complete, but this will only encorouge EA's to hold if not increase asking prices. Several more properties have come on in the last couple of weeks at 2007 prices. To me this feels like a step backwards a year as now we have to wait longer for them to fall again. Not many falls in the last month either. At least 15 properties that I've been interested in have sold STC. I would have expected at least half of them to still be on the market this time next year as th
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