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  1. Haha growth of 1.2% may be , down from 5% last year. Hardly a success. Lots of Germans buying cars in Poland and lots of Poles aquiring the scrappage cars in Germany and bringing them back!!!!!!!
  2. House I saw at the begining of Sept "offers over" 155K of course, today is back on the market at 145K haha I wonder what has gone wrong. Obviously these people dont watch the news nor read newspapers.
  3. I looked at few houses in MK since the Spring. All now sold except one that is let out. Whether sold means exchanged sold we shall see. Most were in poor condition, with money to be spent and all were "offers in excess" bla bla. Last house I saw in Bancroft was a repo, I never seen more disgusting house in my life with broken windows, triangular garden and backing an alleyway. It was on the market since the Spring but now two punters were fighting over it and outbidding each other. Let them have it I thought. I noticed fewer properties on the market. I`m lucky that I have cash and I dont need to buy.
  4. Haha maybe so, then the country will be full of mongrels as the bright and educated will have left
  5. Polands prices are off about 20% from peak but difficult to work out average prices as there are no official statistics. Problems getting mortgages so only cash transactions prevail. 100% mortgages are back this week at eye watering 7%+ huge fees+ insurance costs or 5% in CHF. Property still very expensive. There are subsidised Family mortgages for cheaper properies so most developers lowered their prices to shift the lot. Warsaw is fine but the provinces have up to 20% unemployment. Unlike Brits, Poles are not obsesed by house prices. Its a non story never mentioned on the news.
  6. It works out at 257000 per property. I dont know Maidstone but it seems rather steep.
  7. Indeed, I get updates from houseprices and got some on the 1 Oct. Most property sells at 2004 prices with occasional idiot paying 2007 price. It seems that a lot of spring/summer sales have not gone through or the chains are held up. One flat I saw in Jan, that sold straight away, the completion took place in mid July!!
  8. Land of hope and glory? Dont think so. At present I live in a far away land 600 miles from Dover where one can buy plot of land, usually 1000sq.m then get planing permition and build a house more or less one desires. Surprised this idea never caught on in UK. I said it many times before lets get rid of that planing restrictions and the Green Belt, it`s not beautiful, never was and quite useless to everybody but few birds. Britain destroyed all its forest and ploghed the rest and whats left of countryside is ugly and full of Tofs. People want to own decent size house- 100sq.m and have nice garden - min 500sq.m. I`m advising my teenage daughter, finish school & uni and get the [email protected]@k out of UK. Life is better elswhere.
  9. Lets remind ourselfs the 90`s. I bought in 89 and couldnt sell for 9 years. When I sold it in 1998 the price was only slightly above the purchase price. I had a nice and sound Edwardian house. What chances of selling today have the owners of crappy flats, ex rental prop and properties in poor conition? NONE. Beware cos you may end up in your property for another 10 years ! No chance of selling and no chance of any price rises untill unemployment falls but by then interest rates will be 5% haha so that will stop any hp rises. I saw 5 houses recently and 4 of them were empty and ex rental. How long the owners can keep paying all the fees? Something will give in soon + add 200 000 repo hiting the market soon after election.
  10. I thought there was 1 milion empty properties in UK + 200 000 reposesions coming to the market soon after the election. Most countries have shortage of housing bar Spain. Lets start building on that ugly English green belt land.
  11. FTSE is yielding close to 5% so its a sound investment. Companies are shedding workforce right left and centre so profits and dividents will hold steady me thinks. Bought a lot at 4000-4200 rather then keeping money in the bank at 2% or indeed investing in property.
  12. I feel the Wilsons are in negative equity, therefore bunkrupt, since they bought lots of property in 06/07 but now we are down to 2004 prices. It`s a ponzi scheme and at present the banks keep them afloat rather then to reposses and have 700 rental properties on their books.
  13. I`d rather live in Spain during depresion then UK during recesion
  14. I cant wait for the reintroduction of stamp duty as I`m in the market for 130-150K property.
  15. Whom do you belive? BNP Paribas thinks that Sterling will fall 10% while GS the Arthur Daley of the banking system thinks the opposite
  16. I`m making offers well below asking prices and waiting and waiting. Have price in mind for every property and sticking to it. Dont give a [email protected] what Rightmove/Halifax/Nationwide/EAs/ reports. Most houses I saw were ex rental and in poor condition so if you are selling a house first fecking tidy up! or dont expect good price.
  17. I just made an offer on a 140K OIEO house of 120K for cash. EA: Can you make an offer closer to the asking price? Me: I can but I`m not going to
  18. This country is a joke ruled by bin men and council officials. Few years back I had my rubbish bags collected from the alley way between houses, no probs, good service. I been out of UK for 4 years and now its a different ball game althogether. On a recent visit to my Mums in E.Anglia, she lives in cul the sac, the owners of houses had to line up bins like soldiers at the top of the road for the bin men to collect. No bin at the top of the road -- no collection. I had few beers at my mums and tried to put the bottles in the bin. No! she screamed, you cant do that, you must take it to Tescos for recycling. [email protected] that Mum, are you paying for refuse collection or not? Once my Mum put a torn letter in a public bin down High St, few days later Council official knocked at her door and told her off for throwing letter in the bin , apparantly its private rubbish and you cant throw it into a public bin!! I`m glad I`m out of the country.
  19. Disagree Studios 300sq. ft 1 bed 350-450 sq. ft 2 bed 500-650 sq ft Yet to see anything larger 650 sq ft is perfectly adequate for 2 bed. Recently I saw new built 2 bed bungalow in MK , 375 sq ft for 159K. Not kidding.
  20. I get updates from houseprices , actual sold prices for 2 SE towns and 1.most property sells for 2004 prices, 2. odd one out sells for 2007 price, 3. quite a few sold properties are returning to market even after 3/4 months I got cash and I`m thinking of buying a house during winter/spring for 2003-04 prices.
  21. How about problems payin in cheques into my LL account. I closed 2 ISAs at C&G cos they paid 0.5% Tax free, they wrote me 2 cheques tottaling about 4K. Went down High St to Lloyds and tried to pay them in. Well, the cashier asked me to wait, waved the cheques and said in front of everybody.. someone is coming to see you. Minutes later i was in front of the bank manager on my knees explaining where the cheques came from. In the end he relented and accepted them then tried to sell me some insurance... " well you know, identity theft bla bla, you cant be too carefull, system is not foolproof".
  22. I viewed repo last week and agent told me that once my offer is accepted I have 14 days to exchange cos all the searches are already done.
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