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  1. Listen if you cant afford it just continue renting. There are many landlords out there who are struggling and need the HPC crew to pay their mortgages.
  2. Did you tell people to get out of the market in 2006 saying a crash was imminent? To sum up most on here:- Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
  3. So you want people to be made homeless so you get in an pick up a bargain? What a nice fellow you are.
  4. I prefer to call it educating. Do you need some assistance. (you have about 5 mins before I sign off)
  5. You are a paranoid, bitter and twisted little man who hopes to gain from the suffering of others. Hope that clears it up for you.
  6. Talking of strange little men...........hello Sybil bear of little brain.
  7. Dont have a clue to be honest. I wont bother to explain why I chose this username (see my earlier posts) But suffice to say I am not what my username suggests.
  8. I do find him amusing (in a pathetic way!). In fact there are more than a handful of strange little men on here.
  9. To be fair I am neither Bull or Bear. See my previous posts. (i'll create a sig later)
  10. Whereas you (bears) would like to see people lose their houses/deposits they put down, so you can pick up a cheap repo/or cheap house through a forced seller. A REAL champion of the people.
  11. Johnny 5 thumbs, would I be right to assume you have some mental as well as physical deformity?
  12. Definitely better chance of a 'cheeky' offer on a New Build v Private Seller. I did the same thing for the few new builds we were looking at. Not a massive fan though despite the username (long story)
  13. Thing is he is right. If you want tomorrows prices wait till tomorrow.
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