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  1. Ahhh but that was Shropshire. People in Cannock are out buying houses
  2. You know, i didnt notice ! There was a lot of traffic around kinda distracted me. I did notice Currys carpark was empty coming back home tho.. it all felt very.... strange.
  3. Well, Cannock (Staffordshire) was dead. The worst i have ever seen it. Lots of the stores were selling christmas wrapping paper half price etc.. Went to Sainsburys.. dead - The checkout was empty (See pic) Went to B&Q to see if they had some decent rechargable batteries - dead (see pic). Even my mother (bless her), said.... it is Christmas isnt it ??
  4. I'll miss the girl too... Her names "Lucy Blu", so google to your hearts content
  5. Its no wonder people get into debt buying things like this... Ebay auction.. Have a good weekend.
  6. I'll be there... do we have to wear "Bull" or "Bear" badges ??
  7. I actually smiled when they were published earlier. I smiled when I saw the BBC give it pride of place on their website. I smiled when I visited this website earlier to judge reaction. I smiled when I took a quite glance at the HPI graph to remind myself of the situation. I smiled a lot today. I got upset thinking about the poor people who believe this horsesh1t. I think i need a hanky.
  8. Where abouts in straford are they sine ? Had a quick look on their site and could only find a couple of London addresses and a Glasgow address..
  9. Ok, forgive my ignorance... but during 'hard times' do people visit the toilet less frequently... ?
  10. Hi, A mortgage adviser friend of mine has just text me to let me know that Nationwide have slashed their 2 year fixed rate to 4.89%. Now let me see.... 4.75% base v's 4.89% isnt very much profit considering the buffer they usually price in for a fixed rate. If interest rates fall 0.25% they still are treading on thin ice. If this is a feable attempt to keep the market boyant to protect their profit from current customers or is it a panic induced one. Given that sales are 34%-40% down there's a smaller pie out there... Thoughts ? Dale.
  11. Thanks Spirit, just what i was looking for ! D.
  12. Thanks for the welcome Sorry if i implied I was waiting seven days for it to happen - simply not the case, I'm playing the patience game along with everyone else. However, Mart hit the nail on the head for me... that was more the angle I wanted to achieve with the post. If someone has a list and would be so kind to post when the figures are due, I'd find it helpful. Kinda like the interest rate decision on the main page. (Even a rough date would be good enough!) It gives me something to look forward to ! D.
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