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  1. Neptune

    SJW meltdown

    I feel partly responsible. Ill make ammends with this video. Total intersection of SJWS. lezzies and snowflakes and bonkersness galore, all narrated by a dry aussie ocker.
  2. Neptune

    SJW meltdown

    Poor guy. Hope he got as much out of life as he could have dispite that.
  3. Neptune

    SJW meltdown

    Sorry to hear that. In fairness I did try to do a bit of pre-posting weaseling out of my ill inforned opinions. What was the cause, and is it a common thing, if you dont mind my asking.
  4. Neptune

    SJW meltdown

    10%* of the NHS budget is going on type 2 diabetes and associated problems. An enormous sum spent on fat useless txats** stuffing themselves with sugar while watching Jeremy Kyle. * got that from a bbc report so could be fake news **Apologies to any one on here suffering from type 2 diabetes....make that fat useful txats stuffing themselves with sugar while slowly dieing at their desks adding value to UK plc.
  5. Neptune

    SJW meltdown

    Hes brilliant. A true Britain. Hes hilarious as well.
  6. Neptune

    SJW meltdown

    Written by a 15 year old?
  7. Neptune

    SJW meltdown

  8. Central America does a good brekkers. Heuvos revoltas (scrambled eggs with ham tomats etc) with jacks, beans and rice. Little dab of hot chilli sauce on the side, and a Nescafe. I still do that for brekkers every now and then to this day. Not the nescafe though.
  9. Neptune

    Aberdeen, Aspc Stats

    I mentioned this before. I sensed/noticed a slowdown in investment for construction in 2014 before there was any mention in the drop in oil price. This graph seems to confirm it. And I think it was a global slowing. I thought maybe the bigger companies had an inside track of what was coming.I'm thinking but maybe that even at $120/bbl a lot of offshore fields are just not worth it. Even if oil goes to $140 $150 a bbl or moreI dont think we will see the kind of investment we have had the last 5 years. Thats an awful lot of new vessels cranes etc equipment and men not going to be needed. The company that laid me off last year has finally laid off all their offshore staff. From my ex colleagues and others ive met,there was a feeling of 'things are bad but they always come back 6months or a year later'. I reckon that feeling is starting to fade. Especially now as we are coming into the 'season'. I reckon a lot ofguys would have thought they would be back working by April. They will really be starting to sh1te it now. Watch price slides for property audis andrangerovers really start to accelerate now.
  10. Neptune

    Sunday Bear Food From Dt

    Just clear your cookies or open it up in an icognito/privaye tab, should be able to read it.
  11. I was. But we didnt have time to sit around bragging. Too busy solving, unsolvable problems and working out how to spend our next wage packet.
  12. Poor old offshore worker gets a lot of stick on this forum. I mean its not like your average shore slave has a towering intellect and 2 years wages in the bank either.
  13. Yep. The 'have it your way' pish as well. Some mega corp monopoly giving you the illusion of choice. Well I did have a small modicum of choice 20 years ago before you bought up all the small independants.

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