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  1. Central America does a good brekkers. Heuvos revoltas (scrambled eggs with ham tomats etc) with jacks, beans and rice. Little dab of hot chilli sauce on the side, and a Nescafe. I still do that for brekkers every now and then to this day. Not the nescafe though.
  2. I mentioned this before. I sensed/noticed a slowdown in investment for construction in 2014 before there was any mention in the drop in oil price. This graph seems to confirm it. And I think it was a global slowing. I thought maybe the bigger companies had an inside track of what was coming.I'm thinking but maybe that even at $120/bbl a lot of offshore fields are just not worth it. Even if oil goes to $140 $150 a bbl or moreI dont think we will see the kind of investment we have had the last 5 years. Thats an awful lot of new vessels cranes etc equipment and men not going to be needed. The company that laid me off last year has finally laid off all their offshore staff. From my ex colleagues and others ive met,there was a feeling of 'things are bad but they always come back 6months or a year later'. I reckon that feeling is starting to fade. Especially now as we are coming into the 'season'. I reckon a lot ofguys would have thought they would be back working by April. They will really be starting to sh1te it now. Watch price slides for property audis andrangerovers really start to accelerate now.
  3. Just clear your cookies or open it up in an icognito/privaye tab, should be able to read it.
  4. I was. But we didnt have time to sit around bragging. Too busy solving, unsolvable problems and working out how to spend our next wage packet.
  5. Poor old offshore worker gets a lot of stick on this forum. I mean its not like your average shore slave has a towering intellect and 2 years wages in the bank either.
  6. Nah. We've had the oversupply now comes the demand crash. 25 dollars /bbl tops next 5 years.
  7. There seemed to be a lot of old crap floati g around in the late 90s early 2000s. 2005 onwards seen a lot of new stuff coming on line, still a lot being built in yards. They carried on using the old stuff due to sheer demand. But i reckon youre right theyll use this downturn to get rid of a much old rigs And vessels as they can.
  8. And don't forget the much larger number offreelance contractors already gone and will go, that no one mentions.
  9. Are you sure. Some of the old sh1te ive been on. Ive wondered if they'll sink before they get a chance to scrap them. Actually thinking about it, it was just one company that seemed to have all the shite. Italian. At on point on one of their vessels you had a mathematically higher chance of comming back from Afghanistan unharmed as a uk soldier than as a Phillipino deck hand from that vessel.
  10. Has demand collapsed though.? I think its still up on last year. Globally speaking Any links to prove otherwise.
  11. ROV.. Remote Operated Vehicle. Ss7. Subsea Seven. One of the big subsea construction crowd. Used to be part of Halliburton. Can see them being one of the first big ones to fall...just a feeling. Didnt have much to do with drilling. Its all very well drilling and finding oil. Its getting it up to a production unit. FPSO or platform. Then getting it to land for refining.I was mostly installing all the manifolds, templates, pipelines etc and tieing them into each other.Did this mostly off ships.Quite good fun really. There were lots of new ships all bells and whistles built in the last 10 years. Lots of ROV systems. Still lots in the yards being built. Rumour was my crowd have got deep into deepwater pipelayers. Good luck with that. All the monthly installments for building and operating this stuff, need to be found month in monthout. The backers must be getting nervous. Ironically in the past theywere much quicker to pull the plug. This time they all seem to be hanging in there. When they start to pull the plug. ..well. Bloodbath you say. Try bloodswimming pool. (I wasnt Ss7 btw)
  12. I was in ROv. Construction mostly. Yes. Needs a big price to make new deepwater projects worth while. I may be wrong but even before the price nosedived ( end of 2014 onwards) I had got the impression things were already drying up in the new projects side of things. Heard a lot of noises made about SS7 et others being v quite summer of 2014, normally a busy season. I was suspecting then, that even 120/130 per barrel wasnt enough to keep the game busy. (I couldve been wrong thou, hard to tell from a lowly position like mine).
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