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  1. This strike has as much to do with pilots being forced onto lesser paid contracts (a forced move from the A340 fleet to the A330 fleet with worse t+c's) than pay freezes. so they say anyhow.
  2. sounds like a perfect opportunity for money laundering.
  3. Good job I am on a 25 year lifetime tracker at 1.99% over base.... Not excessively cheap, but still not bad IMHO.
  4. No significant (above 3%) rise for the next 5 years IMHO. The effect of the government cuts is going to be severe and seriously knock demand. It wont be until the run up to the next election that we will see the benefits. I have spoken to some pretty senior individuals who have stated that next years local by-elections are going to be a bloodbath for the Cons and the libs. Reason? The redundancies will be announced, en masse, over a 2 month period.
  5. Any of your jets nearly run out of fuel recently? Still SOP to taxi back to the ramp at 40 Kts? Cowboys. The number of foriegn pilots struggling with english RT wearing a Ryanair callsign these days is indicative. Each to their own I suppose. Do they still get the crew to pay for their own tickets and uniform?
  6. Im on 2.49 lifetime tracker at 1.99% over base....bit of a gamble, but going to have the mortgage down by 1/3 in 2 years so what-ho!
  7. Peter, sorry but I have to disagree. I have toquestion why the crew questiokned arc as to whether they needed to evacuate, any experienced crew I know of (including myself with 3000 hours heavy and 1000 widebody, 500 captain) would ask that, it's a no brainer. Except I think we know the answer. Eyanair operate like a cutthroat business, where crews are binned at the first "mistake" and crm comes second to profitability. He asked because he wanted to be devolved of thre responsibilty of the decision. Which costs time, something you don't have the luxury of during a fire. Flown with Ryan a few
  8. Yep, seeing as we bought at 30% off the original valuation, we both have secure jobs and the mortgage for the forseeable is just over 1/3 of single salary. Besides, we found the "forever" house, not somewhere that was a stepping stone. The decision was a no-brainer. its a [email protected] having to cut 1 acre of paddock every 2 weeks with a 52cm petrol mower!
  9. Starting to look like that lifetime base tracker at 1.99% over base was a smart move!
  10. Yeah, really great idea with the resource shortages and world instability are round the corner....
  11. Free market economy. Deflation and 20% price falls to come. Buy quick though. If anyone lives in Oxfordshire and is looking for a decent return, give me a PM. got some good gen for them.
  12. You have a bit of a wait. They have 200 bill in QE they need to reverse first.
  13. 'Ol Dave will have a fiscal solution to this little problem... Seeing as wage inflation is the only reason the BOE arent hiking at the moment, a supertax on bonuses may be for more than publicity reasons... It MAY be to try and control wage settlements and the course of UK interest rates.
  14. Best place is google I reckon. Seriously. No limit to what you can pick up on the internet. Dont bother with books or instruction manuals these days. Just DIY forums/MSE and of course, here!
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