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  1. I've found another website where you can find the price paid for every property sold in England & Wales... looks competitively priced and has a clean uncluttered look: www.mouseprice.com Gotta love the free market !!
  2. Well Done Auntie! Hopefully you did save a poor soul. On the other hand it is not surprising that everyone on the street is talking about the property market. No day passes by without having some new info, data, whatever about the latest trends, figures etc. People must talk about something! If nothing major is happening... the property prices will do
  3. Well, both parties are right, partially. On one hand it is not easy to step on that property ladder as a first time buyer. And in my opinion it will not be easy in the near future either. But on the other hand how many people can afford to buy something at 23...I dont think its a high percentage.... The propblem is that even when you approaching 30 it can be difficult to buy your own property and then it really sucks.
  4. There are too many property shows on telly!!! And the presenters are just getting more and more annoying with their important pieces of advice... When would this end?
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