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  1. Great replies guys, thank you! I will get reading all of this at the weekend - I moved 300 miles south last week and started a new job yesterday!
  2. Hi there, I'm looking as per the title for the annualised percentage growth of UK house prices averaged over as far back as possible. I see that the Land Registry which is great for data only goes back to 1995 I believe, which isn't very useful. So I wondered if anyone could post links to % growth over the longest time frames available please I seem to remember it being about 7% pa but that was based on a short period so isn't very useful. I would like this as I'm looking to plan out the expected returns based on buying a house and having that extra expense (and therefore less money to i
  3. This looks like a great set of data, but being new here, I'm a little confused as to the terminology. What does columns showing data such as "2.9%-M-1.0" as for example in November 2003 mean? I take it M represents the inflation adjusted value of sterling at the time - ie in November 2003 a pound is worth the same as it is now? What does the 2.9% represent, is this the average mortgage rates margin over base rate? Are average mortgage rates shown as fixeds or SVR? If fixed what length of fixed? Many Thanks Jason, The Dark Knight
  4. Hi All It is very easy to know base rate has never been this low since the BOE inception in the 1690s, And I have an excellent table of how Halifax SVR stacked up against base rate since 1980. BUT how historically low are the current 4.39% 5 year fixed with Britannia, and 10 year fixed at 4.69% with Skipton? (for 60% LTV or less) I know these are incredibly low, but how low historically? As I'm sure many of you find, the 1% base rate gives many people unrealistic expectations of mortgage rates. As an example 5 year swaps now stand at 3.11% due to the Lender's margins for risk etc, so m
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