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  1. https://www.thelondoneconomic.com/news/reactions-as-latest-uk-trade-figures-outline-how-catastrophic-brexit-has-been-317591/
  2. Yep totally agree drain the place of any talent and let those who want go back to Soviet (Or 19th century czarist) days
  3. Not when it’s same dirty money used in both cases btw do you get paid in roubles?
  4. And yet it was turned down the same road to serfdom that Putin went down 20 years earlier
  5. Uk doesn’t have a modern constitution or a concept of change of said constitution via referenda Russia had one of these ingredients but Putin (like Hitler) systematically dismantled what little constitutional guardrails there existed the only parallels between Brexit (well beside the trail of money leading to Kremlin) and Russias slide to fascism is how propaganda can be used to spread fud, Cynicism, whataboutery with the goal of coercing dumb people to give up rights and freedoms for benefit of oligarchs and to detriment of said people and their children edit; why am I not surprised our resident Putinbot of the Brexit thread fame has landed on side of defending the indefensible
  6. From what I seen 3 weeks in they are still told there’s a civil war in Ukraine and valiant Russian peacekeepers are there to de nazify the place and obviously all alternative non state propaganda views are banned So for now I will give the benefit of the doubt but as body bags return back to Russia, kinda hard to hide 5-10k dead and maybe 2-3x that injured
  7. Actually originally he just appeared on tv on New Year’s Eve 1999 saying “hi I’m the new boss” elections came later
  8. Fair enough tho the longer this goes on and the more Russians chose to wear the Z swastika instead of standing up to Putin the more complicit they become in every murder.
  9. I don’t understand why you are going so far out of your way to excuse these neo nazis Yes Russians are nationalistic but it’s fascism added on top by Putin who claims Ukraine is not a county and Ukrainians are not people that started this war and busy either killing Ukrainians and or driving them away (aka ethnic cleansing) Putin is checking every checkbox in the fascism survey and dragging Russians down with him whether they like it or not
  10. https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2022/03/15/my-father-said-im-a-traitor-who-should-be-shot-first-war-in-ukraine-splits-russian-families-a76937 in case anyone is left under the illusion that Z is not the new swastika
  11. Probably the only good outcome of this war are all the Putinbots getting cut off the internet and watching their earnings and life savings sink with the rouble.
  12. Yeh I agree seize assets of anyone remotely connected to Russians let them go through courts to prove they are legal Treat the lot like criminals that they are
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