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  1. It is fascinating how brexiteers are worried about this poll, yet put a blind eye on Russian manipulation, here is an investigative piece from Germany showing Russian Brexit manipulation (why cant BBC do anything btw?) https://www.zdf.de/dokumentation/zdfzoom/zdfzoom-angriff-auf-die-demokratie-102.html
  2. The murder committed by IRA ( i hate both Sinn Fein and IRA if you read my posts here) does not excuse the murder of MP by white supremacist brexiteer dipshit
  3. These 27 countries have their own parliaments thru which any major change has to go thru, also some countries any major change to EU treaties to accomodate UK would require referendums (democracy biatch!) One of these countries is Ireland. Brexit has united the country in our position against brexiteers. Ireland will not vote for anything which will make Brexiteers happy or risk deeper partition of this country. Now May's red lines on other hand can be changed tomorrow because you live in a parliamentary dictatorship.
  4. What shall you do come next general election? who are you going to vote for?
  5. UK will be bound by rigid and inflexible WTO rules, you can leave WTO too of course and join the likes of North Korea in your splendid isolation
  6. Who do you have respect for? you did mention that you want "grownups" to take part in these, who are these grownups according to you.
  7. * May negotiated with EU for 2 years backed by a "strong and stable" mandate * May reached a deal where she was happy with for UK as your elected representative and head of parliament * May voted and whipped against her agreed deal in the "meaningful vote" above are facts, based on reality You can chose to ignore them but that doesn't make your opinions correct just deluded like the rest of Brexiteer arguments aside: I am still waiting for you to name who you consider to be "grown up" politician in UK and still waiting on one advantage of Brexit so far aside #2: this is like arguing with a flat earthers about curvature of earth and gravity
  8. Who are these grownups according to you? You were not able to name as single competent UK politician or a single real benefit of Brexit so far. Go on name em.
  9. Amending the EU constitution would require consent of all parliaments and referendums in several countries (including Ireland who will not vote for a further partition of the country) which would take years. Democracy biatch! Aside why should the EU bend backwards for UKs unicorn desire of leaving the EU and retaining all the advantages of membership?
  10. Have you been asleep for last 2 years? EU did negotiate with UK and your elected representatives (voted in by your democracy after brexit referendum bwt) EU did compromise in multiple areas, including giving Northern Ireland and then whole of UK an incredible deal of being able to make the best of both worlds. Your PM then went and whipped her party to vote against her own position which she negotiated! I am sorry but the problem here is clearly with UK not being able to agree itself what it wants. EU negotiations are over.
  11. Yeh it is not as if brexiteers do not have a history of killing MPs in broad daylight /s
  12. EUs lines are written in its constitution, if they were ignored you would be the one screaming dictatorship and so on May's red lines are her own making and not backed by UK law, anyways UK law can be rewritten at any time by parliament because yee guys have no constitution (and real democracy for that matter)
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