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  1. Ah it’s remainers fault that Boris signed a deal he doesn’t want implement one couldn’t make this shit up next you be telling us evil Eu made Boris sign at gun point
  2. But there is racism towards fellow Europeans even tho they work hard and contributed greatly to uk economy next door the proportion of migrants from eu was much larger as percentage of population but we don’t have rabid tabloid media who spend decades seeding racism, divisions and deflecting from one incompetent government to another that won’t be forgotten like I said Uk lost all its soft power and reputation, no highly educated ambitious people want to live there anymore, only desperate peoples from even bigger shitholes like Iran and Russians who need launder money.
  3. Hilariously enough the only growth industry is selling houses to one another (tho same is happening across developed world) everything else is going down shiter yet another Brexit prediction where we get opposite (Brexiteers wanted lower prices) https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/jun/21/house-asking-prices-hit-record-levels-across-great-britain-covid-boom
  4. And another https://www.thelondoneconomic.com/politics/brexit-madness-could-ruin-uk-steel-industry-ministers-warned-277243/ Brexit ‘madness’ could ruin UK steel industry, ministers warned A government body has recommended that protections inherited from the EU to protect UK steel producers are ended.
  5. Another industry being killed https://californianewstimes.com/post-brexit-labour-shortages-deal-blow-to-uk-cannabis-production/405048/ The company that owns the UK’s largest production base for cannabis for pharmaceuticals is calling for changes in immigration policy following a labor shortage after being excluded from the visa system for agricultural workers. Peter Watson, agricultural director of British Sugar, who grows cannabis for epilepsy in Withington, Norfolk, raises the issue of recruitment
  6. You going to blame remainers for this mess? it’s like blaming a wife after abusing husband keeps battering her Own your Brexit. It took millions dead and destruction of Germany and eventual creation of EU for Germans to learn that flirting with nazis is bad, hopefully Brits are smarter tho with 70000 needlessly dead already doesn’t seem so. Heil Boris!
  7. Le Pen dropped 10 points since last election Imagine that people don’t want to be associated with Trump/Brexit right wing revolution or maybe the French are smarter than Brits and know not to vote for modern day nazis
  8. Yet we ended up with almost the hardest possible brexit (and might still fall apart if Boris continues not implementing what he signed) of almost no relationship with Eu you enabled lunatics to run the asylum, you are responsible for this even if you were one of the gullible eejits who believed the lies. Own the Brexit
  9. Families of 70000 needlessly dead people would want to have a word with you
  10. Once again those tech businesses can not sell their services into Eu from uk without opening offices and hiring tons of people here tariff free deal with eu doesn’t cover services take revolut they had to open offices here and hire people and pay taxes and follow Eu regulations (gdpr, Aml etc) instead of doing that in uk and just selling from there
  11. It’s already forecast todo better than uk and is already doing better, having your exports collapse is not great for economy mr Brexiteer
  12. Can you define what you will view as success? So we can bookmark that post and resurrect it when your prediction ends up going in opposite direction
  13. Companies that can’t sell their tech services in Eu congratulations, and will have to create offices and jobs in Eu most likely Ireland thanks
  14. Germany has lower u employment than uk and France is almost similar btw your link has this gem In 2013, the UK Government blocked a £22,000,000 European Union fund to help finance food banks in the UK let them bodies pile up eh?
  15. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-57518910 UK food and drink exports to the EU almost halve in first quarter Published 7 hours ago —— it’s only one month Brexiteers told us yet the Brexit gets Brexitier
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