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  1. Half the population is below average intelligence and they got conned, another couple percent are plain evil.
  2. The irony of British thinking China will honour Hong Kong treaty, while ripping up international treaties with other hand. Good luck getting trade deal with China now.
  3. Here is what half a million euro gets you in Dublin https://www.daft.ie/dublin-city/property-for-sale/?s[mnp]=475000&s[mxp]=550000 Compared to half a million in London https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/find.html?searchType=SALE&locationIdentifier=REGION^87490&insId=1&radius=20.0&minPrice=425000&maxPrice=450000&minBedrooms=&maxBedrooms=&displayPropertyType=&maxDaysSinceAdded=&_includeSSTC=on&sortByPriceDescending=&primaryDisplayPropertyType=&secondaryDisplayPropertyType=&oldDisplayPropertyType=&ol
  4. Dublin while expensive is cheaper than London, good senior people in Dublin are on €100k+
  5. No wonder you are such a miserable person, you are getting paid peanuts BTW linkedin has better sample based on real data
  6. Higher than UK in my field, that's before other benefits such as healthcare, holidays and pension benefits. You are welcome to post some examples however instead of making statements not backed by facts in typical brexiter fashion.
  7. Yeh I have a good chuckle every week when recruiters try offer positions in England or NI Beside the rampant racism one gets worse salaries, worse benefits, worse commute, worse housing, paid in British rouble. Notice how the top of the UK graph (40,000) is where Ireland was over 10 years ago
  8. When are democratic elections for wto elites? https://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/honda-swindon-manufacturing-plant-closure-jobs-employees-latest-a8911766.html #dieselstrikesagain
  9. People like you made the same ******** lies back during Nice and Lisbon, none of their ******** came thru In the meantime all the negatives predicted by Remain have come true and reality is shown to be worse BTW i would love a democratic Unites States of Europe, beats being ruled by unelected WTO elites you want UK to be subjected to.
  10. Ok in your own words describe what your Brexiteer ideology stands for
  11. I suggest examining why you want to take back control only to hand it over to unelected elites
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