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  1. Was doing bit research apparently loads estate agents accept crypto for sales in Dubai, no capital gains there
  2. What they require for that level? I’ve account with them since they pretty much opened including ~60btc purchase in 2015 21ish left after recent splurge and selling thru years
  3. It was a right cluster****** Heres what i found in my inbox from back then when coins were $10 a pop and i had their pay with bitcoin widget
  4. Would you not then loose your bitcoin collateral? Which is often quite higher than current rate for example on nexo 1btc collateral only gets you $30,000
  5. Will update once done, reopened account (closed before due to no internet or mobile banking years ago which they have now and silly fees) have a contact now at local branch to email purchase and sales order receipts from kraken once money is incoming, I made it clear taxman comes first then remainder will invest in a fund with them, so far very friendly and open.
  6. Had a chat with local bank, they know me thru my business. I upfront asked what documents are required if I reopen current account, transfer 6 figure sum from kraken, pay tax due to revenue and invest remainder in a sustainability tech fund. I am a nerd and as excited about solar and batteries now as I was with bitcoin decade ago, solar works well now in the least sunny corner of Europe here in west of Ireland and getting cheaper, definitely want to diversify another chunk of my coins also was looking for holiday home somewhere sunny, might take another trip Dubai once all this C
  7. Like a red bus driven around the place? I think we learned in last 5 years that ignorance of politics, reality and manipulation by media for eyeball purposes is a danger to democracy, with the weaker democracies like UK (no constitution, no prstv, unlected monarch and upper house) not doing too well
  8. crypto millionaires find it interesting https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/87279349#/
  9. Yeh I lost twice more than my yearly salary today, but whatever i learned lessons from last time was a crypto millionaire last bubble and cashed a chunk in last few weeks seems stock market also on similar trajectory today, tho that’s more of an issue for my retirement
  10. Bitcoin could be worth anything from 1 dollar to a million x date from now Drawing graphs and lines is no better than reading tea leaves the personal question for me with crypto is whether I endup a multi millionaire or just a millionaire, I’ve long ago reached life altering goals, the adrenaline from the rollercoaster long turned to meh, notice how I got more excited by Tesla announcement than rest, one used to be able to buy loads of stuff with bitcoin direct now likes of bitpay require ID documents for smallest of transactions and I can’t travel world with Expedia, h
  11. I’m in Ireland 😊 buying from uk an then importing here is a massive headache now after brexit I was really hoping Elon follows thru his claims of accepting bitcoin I was in Btc for long enough to remember that it’s usability and acceptance that is the key to bitcoins price stability I bought into promises of a currency not a hard to move asset
  12. I got a 7 series electric hybrid beamer recently enough and another beamer for herself, needless to say arriving with a money bag of cash raised eyebrows, i joke with dealer they should just accept bitcoin Buying with fiat involves risk of bank closing current account when they see large lumpsum arriving, buying with bitcoin doesnt, only need to deal with Revenue then to make sure they get their cut and stay of my back Anyways found this oldie in my email for 9 years ago me testing Pay With Bitcoin button for my business back then
  13. Well just like a few years ago it felt good to be a millionaire on paper, tho as I posted earlier I sold 20% (10% in cold cash) I still want my Tesla with bitcoin tho to tell my grand kids of time old fella had ****** you bitcoins This being my 5th bubble see yee guys in 3 years or so
  14. Look I just want to spend my “f u money” bitcoin on a Tesla, pizzas I already spent coins on 8 years ago, it was good dough 🤪
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