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  1. Kirsty needs to try the New Orleans diet - 2 packets of Cheetos and some water every 5 days. Apparently it works really well.
  2. Are you kidding? Seriously? It's only an internet message board for crying out loud! lighten up mongtard! 90% of this board are idiots anyway. If you're reading this and you think you're in the 10% - you're not. You lose. Don't make me bring the trolls in here. You don't want me to do that.
  3. Unable to compute. responding to post without reading post = logical conflict. Suggest player /ignore player Withnail.
  4. You lose. Failing to address the content of a post is a basic error.
  5. [Abusive post deleted by moderator]
  6. I'm sorry i was rude. Under the new policy of the forum, it's forbidden to bully or be nasty to minorities. As a snake, you would definitely qualify as a minority. I hope you're not venomous, although i realise we shouldn't stigmatise all snakes as being a social problem due to the actions of a few.
  7. i can't wait to toast your obese body over the barbecue. Me and the zombie hordes will have your man-tits for the second course.
  8. driving is so over. get used to living without a car. within a very short time you will not be able to afford to drive anywhere. Your car will be a useless heap of rusting metal. Sell your car, get out of debt, and buy a gun if you can. The apocalypse is coming, very soon now.
  9. You tards wouldn't have a clue if you were beaten over the head with a clue-stick. I pay for the upkeep of the roads, you pollute my air driving to IKEA. Sound fair?
  10. kewl! i'm a cash-rich renter and when i get really old the state will house me and wipe my a$$! oh wait, i'm a smoker...
  11. Sorry, i forgot about the new no bullying or being nasty rule.
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